Wwe Rusev Kisses Summer Rae Wwe Rusev Kisses Summer Rae

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He walked to his locker room and opened the door for me to go in. I said with a pout.

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We're back at the arena. She tosses Summer out to the floor. I learned that it's not good to force love and when I'm not looking it will come around. In the show of WWE, the lady was seen mingling with Rusev while she was helping the man overcome his breakup with his girlfriend Lana. Lana showing her engagement ring given by Rusev Series of broken relationship: Don't get cocky on me now Fandango.

She told me something about that. Upon the release of Rae's first film The Marine 4: I went to the Chicago Bears game and hung out on the sidelines where I met the players.

Marriage Plan: Failed or kept aside for a while ?

However in her real life, she has kept her dating life, married life too secret. I could feel him put his arm around me and I moved in closer to him. Curtis said kissing my forehead. I Iaughed and walked back over and pecked his cheek.

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So you will never any downloading speed issue. He pulled out his phone and looked at it. She's not like the rest of the Diva's in the locker room. I said nodding and smiling at him. I wanted to be authentic and I went through a lot of training.

As posted by Cagesideseats. The following week, Banks disbanded the BFFs in a backstage segment. I don't know man, I mean I literally just met her a few day's ago, but she seems cool and her dancing skills really won me over.

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Just be back in 20 minutes, I wanna get back to the hotel. There's nothing going on between me and them.

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As posted by cagesideseats. Summer with a boot to the throat, which causes Fandango to stop and stare at her legs. I said smiling and following Curtis.

Layla - After the match, Fandango and Layla make out as Fandango's music hits. Come on hun, let me see your face.

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Moving Target alongside The Miz. Using GenYoutube you can download any type of videos from the Youtube. WWE Summer Rae has been extremely busy since we last caught up with her! He laughed as his phone went off signifying he had a text.

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He wrapped his arms around me and pulled me into him. I looked at him and laughed. It'll be fun to see who I end up going out with off the camera. Summer gets out and makes her comeback.

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Rae was so in love with the man, that she had made plans to marry the man who was equally competent in the wrestling field like her.

Layla with a leg submission now. There's no weirdness just because we kissed and went out and I learned a lot from that. But I don't wanna leave yet. It can download Vevo videos, age-restricted videos, region protected videos.

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I don't get a good bye kiss? Dolph Ziggler and I did a storyline together, Leila is my new tag team partner and we are up to no good on WWE programming. I couldn't help but smile a little.

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Send it to us by clicking here. Layla with some pin attempts. I slowly got up and got out of the limo with Curtis behind me. He kissed my forehead and pulled away as I walked to the door. Evan Hoffman - We go back to the panel for more talk about tonight.

He looked at me. They leave together and dance to the back as Summer cries in the ring. I got in and sat towards the back. InRae was a main cast member on Total Divas for the show's second and third seasons.