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But she refuted claims that the procedure used to bleach her skin was not safe and could affect her medically. Beiby Vera Sidika is a Kenyan model who is famous for her incredible body forms.

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And it all went down to the two exposing their real emotions about a guy they have both had a thing for Davido, the Nigerian singer. In this new twist of events, Huddah Monroe took to the social media to threaten Queen Vee and called her all sorts of names. She was tired of being used by the company to shoot as they wanted.

They regionalzeitung harzflirt us, not the other way round!

From their close standing and physical contact, there could be more that is happening behind closed doors than is being said.

What do you think about this, Is it insulting God or not? In her response, the voluptuous Vera pointed out that it was the men who were after her: He played her a fool claiming to reside in Dubai and offered to pay her way to where he was for a week of crazy love making.

Huddah And Vera Sidika Posting Naked Photos in God's Name -- Cat Fight

Just what is the truth about Vera leaving the show? When asked why she removed her underpants, she mentioned that the house was hot. However, shortly after refuting the dating claims, a steamy video of Otile giving Vera a lap dance emerged, sending rumour mills on overdrive.

Vera Sidika owns an online shop where she sell clothes that goes by the domain http: She also claims to have numerous businesses in Nigeria but her critics have been fast to outshine her Nigerian deals by explaining that she only goes to Nigeria to extract money from oil tycoons.

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I like the game, they played it wrong this time. Her first announced boyfriend was a Dubai-based young Nigerian, Yommy Johnson. The curvy lady seemed to be in love with Nigerian men.

Vera Sidika - Bio, Before and After, Car, House, Boyfriend, Net Worth

You know how they say in 'showbiz' that every publicity is good publicity? People abusing me on a daily coz of my skinny self LOL! She always raises issues that barely match with her age. The socialite also apologized to the cast and those that she might have crossed.

She has always been eager to give reasons and explain why she does what she does. From the looks of it, it is possible that Vera has moved on but she is yet to confirm who the hot guy she was seen posing with really is.

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Skin bleaching has become a fashionable trend in Kenya as many ladies have turned to bleaching in the name of being sexy.

The show is scripted, with little chance to show off experiences as they are, Vera is tired of playing the puppet and being ordered around.

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Got my Mind made up. Everyday This Week at 5PM and 7: She contested for the Big Brother Africa event Vera has always strived to participate in the Big Brother Africa event but she has not been successful.

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She later moved to Nairobi in where she joined Kenyatta University with an intention to pursue her studies in Art and Design; this gave her an opportunity to fully take her career to the next level.

For instance, she was criticized and ridiculed for saying that she never wears underpants. Ideally, she was insisting that some of the scenes be edited out only to get the shock of her life when she saw it all raw on air.

Drama queen, Vera Sidika reads her Bible just in case you were wondering

On 23rd April, Otile shared photos of him in studio alongside guess who? She claims to have the biggest butt Vera has a big butt but that does not mean it is the biggest butt ever since no one has come up with a device or procedure that can be used to measure butts.

Vera Sidika and Huddah Monroe have always tried to outdo each other in public as to who is the hottest socialite in Kenya. It was taken over by K24 in and has been popular among Kenyan ladies with subsequent episodes being the subject of discussion on social media Loading Vera Sidika blasts Kenyan women over vice president dating allegations Updated: InVera Sidika accepted the fact that she had lightened her skin in the UK.

It ended up in a fight.

Huddah And Vera Sidika Posting Naked Photos in God's Name -- Cat Fight

The rumour was sparked after both Vera and Teodoro shared Snapchat stories from the Maldives, where she is currently on holiday. With much efforts and devotion, the socialite began to appear in more music videos.

She is also known as Vee S. They want bloggers to constantly write about them which is good for their Vera and Huddah businesses. There was too much negative energy on set which was contrary to her mantra. Many people know Vera Sidika by name but few know something about her background and personal life.