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Vicky has also designed a flamenca dress for Barbie. I went to the ladies, and there were two women in spectacular dresses. Traje de flamenca from Vicky's latest collection. Vicky loves to travel, when she can. Men love her, for her curvy body, deep, sexy voice and wicked sense of humour; women want to be her: I like to go to their houses, someone has a guitar.

I admire her," says Vicky. What about her own style? I come from the south, and little by little I'm taking my dresses further afield. I always feel safe there. She went to boarding school in Switzerland for four years, and then studied marketing at university.

Before I see her, I hear the click-clack of high heels, then a tall woman with long premios tv grama online dating hair, wearing jeans and a checked shirt, stops at my table.

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Alba loves horse-riding, fittingly for a torero's daughter; they go roller-blading and cycling together in the park. Her father, who died two years ago, was a successful bull-breeder, and Vicky married a bullfighter; in Spain, this is the equivalent of getting hitched to a footballer, only more so: As we start the interview, I'm so nervous she's pretty famous here in Andalucia that I fumble with my voice recorder, forgetting how it works.

Vicky is very warm and personable, and she has that habit of leaning towards you conspiratorially when she tells you something, that makes you feel she's sharing an important secret with you. These are the long, frilled gypsy dresses with tight bodies and ruffled skirts which are worn at ferias around Andalucia.

The interview with the Sevillana darling, star of the small screen and queen of the catwalk, is to take place in the light, airy restaurant, with comfortable wicker sofas and Feria-style green-striped cushions.

If I do go out, it's for flamenco. I spend hours and hours in there, looking around and buy lots of clothes. So what does she do for fun?

Her unfailing good humour and energy, and fallibility, endeared her to the public. She tells me, excitedly, that earlier that week an American buyer had been to visit her in her taller design studio to see the collection.

Besides the trajes de flamenca, she produces both wedding and evening collections as well, to be show in Barcelona in May. Aged 38, Vicky is less plastic, both in personality and in appearance, than many other female 30 and something TV personalities who fill Spanish screens on the endless high-volume discussion shows.

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Twenties elegance - Vicky Martin Berrocal Her voice is deep and husky, and she has no airs and graces. Where does she go in London? And much, much more dangerous. So speaks the Andaluza par excellence. As an unknown foreign journalist, I wasn't sure how she'd treated me, but she was unfailingly polite and kind.

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Rather than tutting, sighing and getting impatient as some interviewees would do, Vicky takes it from me, checks the battery is in properly and generally calms me down with her kindness and lack of pretension.

Before the US arrival, Vicky's designs have featured twice at Harrods: She mixes high street with designer, Top Shop with Louboutins; she went to Swiss boarding school and yet is down-to-earth; and she's about to go global. The buyer loved it; the details are to be confirmed, but Vicky's dresses may soon be stocked in major department stores in New York, LA and Chicago.

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I'd love to interview Angelina Jolie - I like her way of living, her attitude, how she treats other people, her generosity. And the popular adage that she is the quintessential Spanish woman dark hair and eyes, curvy figure - she's lost weight, though - flamenca designer and bull-girl: Vicky's lace train is fit for a bride.

They had a daughter, Alba, and divorced soon after. Clearly, she prefers the more sensual, tactile fabrics.

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Her dresses shimmer and shine, and are all show-stoppers. And what about Andalucia, "mi tierra"? She introduces herself, very naturally. I'm lucky enough to have friends who are flamenco artists. Search Hotels in Andalucia.

Vicky Martin Berrocal is fast becoming a brand; a more affordable line of flamenca dresses, a snip at euros half the main collection's price tagwill be available nationwide from September.

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These flamencas are shown accessorised with flat caps and small leather bags, traditional for the El Rocio pilgrimage in May, which takes place in Vicky's home province of Huelva.

They asked me where I got my jacket from! It's every little girl's dream; year-old Alba gets two dresses every season, mini version of what her mother designs.

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And take Andalucia with her. Flamenca as you've never seen it before: The evening Feria dresses are spectacular; one is s-style, in glimmering gold, with huge batwings - pure glamour, while the El Rocio numbers have Wild-West-style leather chaps and denim, mixed with delicate fabrics such as silk gauze and satin - incongruous but ingenious - with the inevitable frilled skirts eight layers and ruffles.

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When I started getting calls from stylists in Paris and the US, I was surprised because I've never had press representation," she explains. Sitting next to me on the sofa, face scrubbed clean of make-up, she talks me through her latest flamenca collection, which she showed at the International Flamenca Fashion Exhibition SIMOF in February.

These days, Vicky concentrates on her designing. The classic flamenca spots, revamped with leather. Vicky lived in Huelva city, one of Andalucia's less touristic regional capitals, when she was a child, although she was born in Seville.

Until recently, her weekends were taken up with presenting a singing show on regional TV; one of her new projects is a chat show for Canal Sur, one of Andalucia's television channels.

I like Penelope Cruz - she has made a steady climb - las prisas no son buenas rushing isn't good for anyone.