Who is Jean-Claude Van Damme dating? Jean-Claude Van Damme girlfriend, wife Who is Jean-Claude Van Damme dating? Jean-Claude Van Damme girlfriend, wife

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Being one of those kids I can say memories of van damme's classics took me through many tough times in my youth.

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Posted by ColdFlameChris on Posted by Shortie on Submit Van Damme This is a very difficult question for me because I really like both actors. Martial artist famous for spinning back round house kicks and action packed fighting skills.

Ever since I was a kid, I've been watching Van Damme's movie for so so many times and that's Bloodsport.

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Cons Black eagle in my opinion didn't like at all 6 Supporters Supporters Jean claude Van damme was definitely my hero as a child. I hope van damme vs stallone latino dating can make more movies even though he is too old to make a action movie.

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Posted by blank on Submit He's cool. I personally think so and I enjoy every movie I watch him in.

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In as much as I am of the opinion that both of them are certainly nice when we are talking about guys that made greatest movies, I would have to say that Jean Damme did some unique and emotional movies that is pretty difficult to forget in a hurry which is part of the reason that I am making him my choice of a top actor.

There's a point in my childhood where I've tried to mimic all his moves on his scenes and try to do a full split but unfortunately, I did not succeed. Stallone was more of an action packed character, his characters wielding large guns and killing whole armies, this was too much of a fantasy for me.

Many of my friends have taken a liking to Jean Claude Van Damme however I can not see what they see in terms of his looks at all.

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I am looking forward to seeing his new movie Black Water inshould be a good movie, I will be very shocked if it ends up not being. I like the way he acts and the fighting skills he have when shooting a movie.

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Is he a good actor? I always wanted to be like van damme when I grew up, his fighting style was one of the best out there.


Jean Claude Van Damme as made a name for him self and still carry's on today making more movies for the fans. In top movies such as Blood sportKick boxer and a lot more popular movies.

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I've also seen lots of other his movies and I can only say that they're all good. Pros Action all the way through plenty of kicking. Also my father is a fan of him. There are movies of both of which I really like.

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His break through movie was bloodsport which was hit box office in spring Van damme was an asset to Hollywood and to all the kids who were bullied, who looked up to him and he gave them hope.

He has set to release new movie Black water for according to imdb resources. We always bought and watch all of his movies before until present. Even trying out some of his moves, all the while getting myself beat up.

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He is a great actor to me. He as played in a lot of movies over the yearsand also his children who have grown up have been showing in some of his movies.