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Now I can easily communicate with the locals. Fairlingo is quick, simple and affordable! We highly recommend them! They make learning Spanish more easy, fun and interesting. The price-quality ratio is nothing short of excellent and we look forward to using your services again in future.

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We will definitely have more translation assignments in the coming weeks. Fast, correct communication and the online tool is useful and effective. In other words, a perfect solution. After 6 weeks of intensive course I am so proud of what I have achieved.

Pieter van den Bosch Magdeveloper Thank you for the quick translation.

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Marcel Landeweerd HangmatGigant We have worked, to our full satisfaction, with Fairlingo on multiple occasions on the international expansion of our hammock webshops.

In the relaxed atmosphere, I always felt comfortable to speak in class without fear of making mistakes, in the knowledge that the teacher's would always be on hand to help us to understand any correction fully and to be happy with what we had learned.

We received a quote and a sample translation really quickly, which was the main reason why we ended up choosing Fairlingo. I can't recommend Version Original highly enough for anyone who is trying to learn Spanish, from whichever level you are beginning at.

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Translations were completed promptly and accurately. We are very satisfied with the promptness of their services. Luke Passmore 5 out of 5 stars posted 4 months ago If you are looking for fun, friendly and productive Spanish classes then Version Original is the place for you.

After only a few weeks, my confidence in my own knowledge of Spanish and my ability to speak it had grown enormously to the point where my Spanish friend's have been surprised at my fast progress. The activities and group exercises made each class interesting and fun and made me feel that i was progressing every day.

Most importantly, the quality of the translation was exceptional. They encourage you to speak Spanish from day 1 and help you with all the obstacles you may encounter.

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All the staff are very friendly and the teacher's are amazing. I have boosted my confidence, improved my grammar and expanded my Spanish vocabulary. Gerard Nieuwenhuis TRND Labs We regularly have texts that need to be translated or revised, either for ourselves or for our own clients.

Kemal Tas Ledstores We have already had several assignments translated for our international webshops.

De geneeskunstenaar Ervaringen van een betrokken huisarts

I can't wait to start the next course. As it concerned the translation of correspondence to sixteen various languages, it was a significant advantage that Fairlingo had the expertise in house for each of these languages.

Teachers are amazing, hospitable and friendly. Everything is exactly the way we wanted.