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Trauerkarten also need a pep talk Similarly, should always be written texts for Trauerkarten for the people who suffered in the prime of life a sudden death. It would be so much nicer in the production of a text for Trauerkarten that a beautiful event with this people will be recalled and be committed to paper in this way comforting words.

Trauerkarten can not accommodate long stories about the nature of the deceased or stories of events which you yourself have experienced with the deceased.

From the available materials tinkering one own and self-designed Trauerkarte a specific text. Here, since the text is already set, you signed on top with his name. If you want to customize your own Trauerkarte containing not one of the usual awards, can be found in any craft store cards and the appropriate decorative material.

Preprinted Trauerkarten with religious motifs or verses should be chosen only if the deceased was a believer, and if you know that the survivors are religious.

The text is intended to express the personal impact and compassion and give the bereaved the feeling of not being alone.

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Do therefore not worry about the perfect formulation. However, this is a special art, which not everyone has mastered.

Formulate the text on Trauerkarten cautious and honest Trauerkarten writing as soon as possible after the announcement of the death of a human being to the survivors. But this only if you really mean it honestly, because to demand the bereaved, you must implement your offers of help immediately.

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Then you can not go wrong. Happened the death suddenly and the family has put in a state of shock, you may also bring your own bewilderment with - is important in any case, that your words are sincere and heartfelt.

Trauerkarten need not always have the usual black border, for death is as much part of life as birth. Secular verses or quotes can be written as text on mourning cards when faith in the family of the dead does not matter.

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It should also encouraging words are found that emphasize the survival and the views of the future, because for the relatives, life goes on and on. If the deceased was, for example, a fighter who has always encouraged all around him, choose words that emphasize these qualities.

Somewhat more difficult, however, if these words are written also in the form of a poem. Just try within the meaning of the deceased, your words always to miss a small hint of hope and optimism. Designed in this way Trauerkarten can act quickly intrusive.

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Ask the survivors, for example, now not to give up. A verse or quote enough to convey a message of compassion and own grief.

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If a very young man came through an accident, is usually only talked about the futility of such an accident. Here it is appropriate to describe the special advantages of this man, the loving father, for example. Finding the right text for Trauerkarten is actually quite easy because can begin with positive words for the bereaved already mean a certain encouragement.

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If you know the bereaved good, succinctly provide the text of condolence to your help and support. If you do not send the condolence in the mail, but personally interject into the mailbox of the bereaved, write here the full address of the recipient on the envelope.

Be Trauerkarten neat writing with a fountain pen. If the deceased was very devout or is it the narrow bereaved, bring the Christian principles of faith, love and hope in your text with.

Even if this were true, such sentences can hurt the survivors in the first, acute grief phase, or at least be very annoying them.