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I thought you weren't the good guy anymore; ain't that what you said? It feels natural to have Rick and Michonne, two of the strongest characters on the series, hook up after a long the hook up mtv imdb walking of zombie killing and supply runs. I'm a better father than you, Rick!

Oh, we gonna ride off into the sunset together?

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You really believe they're gonna buy whatever bullshit story you cook up? So this is where you plan to do it? And you still have a home,' Michonne reassures him But when he doesn't remove his hand, her fingers clap around his, and one thing leads to another. After iordanes getica online dating to a gas station, they use the truck and a tow chain to flip over a toppled vending machine, when a man suddenly barges into Rick 'Your keys are gone,' he growls at Rick, running back to see Jesus driving off in their new found truck, vending machine still dragging behind.

I saw that prisoner shoot you down.

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Without a word they both aim at an approaching walker and blow its head off before turning their guns back on him. Michonne discovers the reason Spencer is out there as she identifies the zombie: The final scenes of the episode sees Rick back at Alexandria late at night, and imprisoning the unconscious Jesus in a bare room in one of the houses 'I had a pretty good inkling something was coming soon between the characters, but when I read it I was still kind of surprised,' she said.

They done it before. At least have the balls to call this what it is: What you think, we were just gonna forget about it?

Even right here, right now, you ain't gonna fight for 'em? I thought we worked this all out. It's the match up The Walking Dead fans have longed for since season two Cosy: It's because I'm a better man than you, Rick, 'cause I can be here and I'll fight for it.

That's just it, it ain't no story. I ran after him, I snapped his neck.

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The last scene sees them both naked and asleep in bed, before a noise in the room wakes them, with Rick grabbing his gun and Michonne her sword. Daryle clearly doesn't trust him They continue to track the truck, and spot the thief up ahead, changing a tyre.

Rick and Michonne have spent seasons orbiting around one another, adding to their slow, simmering burn. You got a broken woman.

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What you know 'bout what I can live with? You ain't got the first clue on how to fix it. And it would be strange if Michonne never explored this part of herself. Your OTP is finally cannon.

Scroll down for video Let's get it on! For one night, Rick and Michonne has some semblance of a life worth living—and worth fighting for -- and that makes all the difference in the zombie apocalypse.

Dare we say it was actually one of the nihilistic show's happier moments. Elsewhere in the episode, Michonne spots Spencer sneaking into the woods with a shovel, follows him to ask what he's doing, and tell him to come home.

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She is a full woman,' she said. However, during last night's episode of The Walking Dead "The Next World"Rick and Michonne practically tore each other's clothes off in a fit of uninhibited passion.

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After revealing he almost had a crate of the toothpaste she requested before his run, he reaches into his back pocket and pulls out a pack of mints, and they both giggle as he presses it into her hands.

Rick returned home exhausted, only to be joined on the couch by Michonne With things back to some semblance of normal, Rick and Daryl head out on a supply run, discussing how they haven't seen another person in weeks.

It's the match up The Walking Dead fans have longed for since season two. Rick slams on the brakes, and off rolls Jesus before fleeing towards the woods. You really believe if you walk back onto that farm alone, no me, no Randall Daryl catches up with him but Jesus pulls his gun from him and points in directly in his face Duck!