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So as confident as I try to look and know I should be, I'm not.

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Men, including probably especially Some guys spend years honing their game and are good at it. They know how to target the women who they have the best chance with and don't be insulted by that.

Whether it's body language, verbal, sztuka flirty girls anything else, you gave off a vibe to this guy in which he thought he'd have a good chance, and he was partly correct.

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You may learn, in the future, to bring up the marriage thing right off the bat. BUT, the women who ARE secure, would turn around, walk away, and never even think twice about this guy again. They'd think he's a d-bag, and that's that.

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I'm half black and half Thai, too light to be black and too dark to be Thai. Some just have a natural radar.

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Would you date a divorced man? You were targeted at some point, and you even went to him. This is not the first married man to come on to me. I feel like something is wrong with me.

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But he then kept you on the string by dropping little nuggets here and there most firefighters get divorced.

Second to lie about it, but it's like But the bottom line is, expect this to happen repeatedly with other guys. Everyone else in my life does. And you wouldn't be the only one. What you're describing this guy as, he sounds like he knows what he's doing, and he's had success at it.

And I'm attracted to them because they are stable financially, handsome, blah blah And for what it's worth, I bet you he WAS there on the day that you showed up with cookies. But the fact is, this guy DID get your head spinning, and even though you are stating that you would never do anything with him, you're still here, questioning it all.

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It's part of the game. You don't have to point blank ask somebody within minutes of meeting them, but you can say things like "I can't believe you're not married" or something along those lines that'll force his hand if he's honest before you get to stage two.

So in a nutshell, it's you, but it's also not you, if that makes sense. He strung you along for a little while, until you eventually asked the inevitable, to which he did not lie.

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The above combined with your insecurity. I grew up in an all caucasian neighborhood, always passed over for my friends.