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We went through so much together. He was born on September 21, in Abilene, Texas. There's a bunch of rumours out there.

Step Up 4 Gets Ryan Guzman

I mean, some of them are, but the ones I was living with were very, very smart. It took what everybody loved from Step Up one and all the dancing that you got to see in Step Up two and three and combined them and made this monster of a movie: To be honest, I used to back down from fights.

It's cool how much dance can move somebody. I couldn't ask for a better director for my first movie because he was so helpful with guiding us as to what he wanted to portray in his movie.

You have to have years and years of discipline. After signing on with a talent manager, he threw his hat into the world of acting. Guzman is rumored to wear a size 11 shoe. I did research into exactly what it wnyc speed dating 2018. I think he brought out the best in me, Kathryn and Misha [Gabriel], who plays my best friend Eddie.

Switching from hip-hop to contemporary was probably the hardest thing, but she made it so easy for me.


That's actually a rumour. The actor does acknowledge that he has a massive male following.

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His love of martial arts led him to be an MMA fighter. He has hazel eyes which can appear brown or green, depending upon the lighting.

Step Up 4 Gets A Release Date, And Ryan Guzman

It's in the movie. Zoolander got it right with the five models living together, but obviously they're not that dumb.

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We also have parcour guys. I think he's a born leader. The fans get so excited while you're fighting.

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I fell in love with the dancing world, and it made becoming Sean so easy. He has a muscular, cut and defined physique with noticeable six-pack abs. It gave it a little extra something. After seeing Casino RoyaleI wanted to do parcour so much.

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Some of them you have to see in 3-D to actually appreciate, others you could see in 2-D and still be in awe. Was this at a general arena or a specific place? I decided to train hard and go to the Octagon, where I won my very first fight.

After the first win, I got addicted and fell in love with fighting.

Ryan Guzman

I didn't realize that one of the guys in the movie is actually the inventor of crump. What was it like working with her on this film? He has said in public interviews that when it comes to women and what he is attracted to: I wanted to tackle my fear, and what better way than to throw myself into the Octagon Ultimate Fighting Champion Boxing Ring with a professional fighter?

When I first moved out to LA, I was actually living in a one bedroom apartment with five guys and money to my name.

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You have to be really into the music, the beat and the rhythm. I didn't know that dance was that emotional because when you're doing it you're just thinking about being in the moment. I can't say anything bad about it.

Everybody came together so well. He successfully auditioned for the role of Sean in the movie, Step Up Revolution and has been landing starring roles ever since.

Ryan Guzman

Most all of his pictures feature him with a smooth chest with very little body hair. I worked with a guy called 'Marvelous', who co-created flexing, which is a very fluid movement where your body almost feels like liquid, but then your body starts popping at the same time.

Travis Wall was one of the main choreographers for the contemporary pieces, and he is like the god of contemporary. New to dancing, new to acting, new to everything!

At the age of 7, he moved to Sacramento, California — the birthplace of his mom, Lisa Hudson. We had five choreographers.