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Looking for free local date sites where you can find a real faithful partner anywhere in the world? Sent in by Thabo Thipe Dladleng - Means at home, at my place.

Eishdankie, dankie meaning "thank you, yes, I hear you, old man ie old timer, sorry, thanks, thanks". You will hear it within a few minutes of each and every day!

Sent in by Mboniseni Nemaangani Amanzi amamncane- means; its just a small problem batting eyelashes flirting tips will be solved easily. Ama-get-down - Refers to dancing or to have a party.

At the time there was a total strike at the Post for better increases. Please write the answer with numbers You must agree with our terms of service before you proceed!

‘I met Pro when I was a skinny, coloured kid with an American twang’ – AKA

The strike lasted so long that the Post, which was financially independent from the Argus printing and publishing, nearly went bankrupt, resulting in the property and printing presses being sold to Caxtons.

Posts Atom Sowetan Slang ''Eish! As in "Cava daai ding. Sent by Tshabalala Siphiwe Costellator - means cought out, as in, "Ka costellator ke medi gister.

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Also used to indicate displeasure. Slang used mostly in Mahwelereng Township, Mokopane in Limpopo. No credit card is needed or required Tired of paying per month, at what eventually turns out to be no replies and no dates? The Sowetan never was a free sheet as it was never published before this date.

Sent by Phala Medupi 9,9 - Straight talk e.

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The latter was later closed as it was never financially viable. Once you join you never have to upgrade your membership nor your credit card is ever needed. It is also the name of the South African under national soccer team. There is also a music artist who goes by this name.

Pretoria township slang Meaning a two rand coin, typically used to indicate how inflation erodes monetary value, ie; "I've got too few Boyz to be rich". Dae Ding - Means that thing.

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Molo Bhuti hello my bro Boogooman - Refers to any funny person or thing. Due to the poor sales and high costs, the Port Elizabeth and Cape Town distribution was stopped after a few years.

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Sent by Thembela Magungo Baller or Balla - A person who dresses and lives an extravagant, garish lifestyle sometimes funded through criminal means, eg drug dealers and pimps. Latagomo started as a sports editor in Sent by Phala Medupi Bhuda - Means Bra informal township way of saying Mr someone who is a male and also older than you.

Origins from British money.

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Sent in by Arthur Mufamadi Bhari - an idiot. Sent by Cingo Zuko Bi-lateral -When you talk to someone about something. Sent by William Mello Boyz - Origins: Sent by Victor Sakala Amawaza - It means nonsense.

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Sent in by James Mathamela Charmza - Someone who is very charming. Slang from Dumisani Phakathi Egwapos - Refers to a pair of funny looking boots.

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When you flip over a 6 it looks like a 9 and vice versa It means same difference. Ama-chochoroach - It means thugs or crminals. Sent in by Molaudi Nkareng Beirut - Origins: Sent in by Ezekiel Mogodi Digits - Refers to cellphone number.

Posted by Sowetan Slang Baaza - Means go away. Singlesdatingworld is a completely free online dating site app without payments for women and men around the world seeking a date, romance or a serious relationship.

Unknown pronounced like aysh but also, less often, as ish - Used to express everything ranging from frustration to surprise to disapproval, but also just everyday acknowledgement of things you can't change like "Eish, the traffic is bad today". Chommie - More likely to be used by young girls than guys, and it refers to a friend.

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Ashes are cases by fire, which was started with matches A box of matches. It's the the Labenese capital and it is known for it's fatal bombing It means a dangerous place.

How much is three minus one? History[ edit ] The Sowetan started inas replacement of the Post Transvaal newspaper, which itself consisted of editorial staff that migrated from another newspaper, The World.

Sent in by Thabo Thipe Bo moghwanti - means loose girls.

‘We don’t know when to stop competing and start building’ - Slikour

To share some of your Kasi Slang with us, e-mail tellus sowetan. The saying comes from the formerly much-lauded Bafana Bafana striker Benni McCarthy's "uncharitable habit of turning his back on his country", following many instances of failing to turn up to play for South Africa's national football squad.

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Caxtons then got the contract to print the Post and another building was found in Industria. Later Latakgomo left and joined The Starafter receiving death threats, and was replaced by Aggrey Klaastewho was editor from to