Sophistication | Definition of Sophistication by Merriam-Webster Sophistication | Definition of Sophistication by Merriam-Webster

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Sophistication is defined by Merriam Webster in two relevant ways: They will search for, ask for and get what they want. Because as the customer I get to define it and put the components together for what I want.


Just more messages to listen to with little confidence about whether they would come or not. They will search multiple channels, put together a variety of supply chain solutions, and buy customized or standard products and services depending on the value they perceive.

I was trying to buy a replacement part for a Blender: I had to laugh at the utility company in our town. Times, Sunday Times But the yummy mummies were the definition of style and sophistication on their respective nights out in London. They want knowledge at their finger tips.


Word origin of 'sophistication' Example sentences containing 'sophistication' These examples have been automatically selected and may contain sensitive content. The Sun Insteadportefeuille lancel premier flirt moka exuded class and sophistication.

The brand said it was out of stock; overstock did not have it; Amazon did — from a reseller! They want free trial periods to see if the product is worth it.

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Times, Sunday Times But it was the dramatic new models from the mainstream brands that oozed style and sophistication that blew me away.

Times, Sunday Times It was a system untouched by any modern sophistication. But they want to get to their specific information easily, through easy navigation, search or virtual help.

Jenkins, Roy Truman The sophistication of the modern game works against freakish solo domination. They would like to be reminded by text, email, or phone of upcoming appointments with a contact method in case of changes.

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They were measuring gas in some of the pipes and digging up some of the pipes. Read more… He neither possessed nor aspired to intellectual or social sophistication. The Sun I risk a punch from both sides but let's just try to bring a little statistical sophistication to bear.

They will expect faster delivery, easy return, and end-to-end service. Customers understand cost more now. They did an excellent job of phoning ahead with a recorded messages of when they were coming, but they kept changing the dates so what difference did it make.

How then is customer sophistication different from customer satisfaction or is it just the new buzz word?

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That means they can find it when they want and it may pushed to them electronically, if they desire. Times, Sunday Times But the sophistication of modern performance management systems means other factors could be considered, such as the speed at which the notes have to be played.

And they want you to keep the information up-to-date, findable, and usable. Why do I choose Amazon when I am looking for something difficult, am worried about return, and want speedy or standard delivery? I think customers still want what they want, but they are more sophisticated in stipulating their choices as they know more, can see viable marketplace options, and know what value is.