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Take a shot at the picture frame hanging above the sleeping man's head- this will knock him out. He learns of new objectives through these conversations.

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Go across the hall to room number four. They are as follows: You can enter these cheats on the main menu of the game.

Sift Heads 5 Cheats

For instance, Money Lover 17where Vinnie sleeps with Shorty, must be completed before Palace Massacre 9 because Shorty goes missing after that mission. Without killing the innocent, players must take down the bad guys before they are taken down themselves in this fun, gritty, and action packed new edition in the sift heads series.

Simply drive the hood on over to the clothing store and pick out a new get up for your character. Sift Xmess In a land of stickmen, stickwomen, stickchildren, and stickmobsters, one can expect remarkably little in the form of variation.

Players fight, yet again, to clean up the streets of Chicago. Basic game play is performed with the mouse. Take his wallet off the bedside table.

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Vinnie has the choice of nine different weapons throughout the game, and there is the added bonus of a costume change to keep the stick-man theme fresh. In this next chapter of Vinnie's stickman shooting adventures, Vinnie embarks on 20 missions, shooting both long-range and short-range.

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Vinnie moves about locations with the left click of the mouse, and when he is fighting, the trigger is activated by the left mouse button, as well. A quick walk through of The Wallet Exit Vinnie's room.

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Some of these missions will not work unless you complete the missions in a certain order. Players have the option to go through a list of objectives in any order they like as long as these objective are unlocked.

Through interaction with other characters in the game, Vinnie learns of the horrible things that the Grey Mafia leader has been orchestrating in his town.

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Objectives are unlocked as the game progresses, most notably the last 10 objectives, which are on the right-hand side of the list, which are monetary objectives rather than killing objectives.

Also, The Wallet 11 should be the first objective crossed off the list. Perhaps that is what makes Sift Head 5 game, the next chapter in the Sift Heads saga so difficult.

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The keyboard is used mainly for reloading by pressing the "R" key, and toggling in and out of Aggressive gun wielding mode by hitting the space bar.