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I also liked the darker tones of the books, I mean come on -- we're dealing with dead spirits, here.

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Well, Since nobody Got an answer i will gladly give some Info on the manga. It's so cute that Yoh fell in love at first sight with Anna.

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On the other hand, the parts before that with the ten rtvinsular online dating was TOO long. Anyway, overall, I thought this was a good series because I really did enjoy reading it, despite its flaws.

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The shaman concept was original and the themes were quite touching -- a classic in my book. I've read the alternate ending which did make me feel a little less disappointed.

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Actually the Manga was Cancelled But in the final Tomes Toukobons We get an extra in the form of the Hanna's Fumbari no Utas, sort of an epilogue, in which we are introduced seven years later to Hanna Asakura, who is the son of Anna and Yoh, or at least that's what it seems, because the persons he lives with are, Tamao Which Looks and dresses Exactly as Anna and Ryu, Were are the Others?

They lose the tournament on purpose so while Hao receives the Great Spirts He's supposedly to enter in a Coma, and also loses the Spirit of Fire they can attack him, however everything goes wrong and The Apache's Turn against them, because they have to protect the new SK.

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Well after all this you may get the idea, Yoh, Len, Horo, Choco and Lyserg go to Hell and train there, then they are choosen to be the sacred warriors, and they are given Special Powers that are related to nature Water, Wind, Earth, Fire and Thunder and they are up to defeat Hao.

I liked the concept of how Hao was "defeated" but I wish the author had spent more time on this part.

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I know I said that the author introduced random things sometimes but when he DID integrate things, it would just totally blow your mind away. Hanna Supposedly is looking for the great warriors that fought in great Shaman Fight Were a lot Died, As the manga goes on we know that Hanna Fails his mission to bring them to Japan No one knows for what reason But in the very last pages we get a Glimpse of those Warriors, Chocolove, Lyserg, Len, and Horo, except for Choco and Horo don't expect something very detailed, they apparently are going somewhere Possibly to wherever Hanna was supposed to take them.

Although I still hate Lyserg, he was endurable at least. Their romance story is so sweet and I'm glad to have finally found a strong female character in a shounen manga.

What happened?

Hao has a good backstory too. Was this comment useful? I think the arc with their backstory was done very well. I watched the anime first because I was lazy and didn't want to read chapters at the time but I'm so glad I finally got around to the manga.