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Workers were instead been encouraged to participate in the Super Cool Biz campaign by wearing more weather appropriate clothing instead of formal business attire to cut down on heating and cooling costs.

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Including the Fukushima plant, most of the nuclear reactors shut down were owned by Tokyo Electric Power Company TEPCOone of Japan's major energy suppliers and leading sources of nuclear power [3] [4] The March earthquake, combined with a meltdown of the Fukushima plant caused the initial widespread blackouts in affected parts of Japan; [5] since then, TEPCO has not recovered and estimated it would be unable to setsuden yahoo dating enough electricity to meet the peak demand of the summer.

This resulted in a more casual dress code incorporating lighter, tie-free clothing in the summer; and heavier, warmer clothing in the winter. Public networks aired television advertisements for setsuden and posters were posted around places such as temples and convenience stores.

The absence of these reactors further complicated the energy shortages in eastern parts of Japan.

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In addition, clothing companies and similar producers pushed for the purchase of hot patches and insulating clothing as alternatives to electric heating devices in preparation for winter weather.

Corona Corporation and Iwatani Corporation were two companies that increased their production of oil heaters to meet consumer demand.

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Escalators in stations were stopped and billboards were turned off when not displaying energy usage levels. Among participating companies, many Japanese car makers moved their working days to the weekend in exchange for days off during the weekday.

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Air conditioners, televisions, and other appliances produced under Panasonic's EcoNavi line will have sensors to detect when the machine is idle and have the machine shut down completely instead of being in standby mode. All of the reactors decommissioned for stress tests and safety checks were yet to be reactivated for usage; [5] as of Januaryonly five were still in action.

Most display and exhibition lighting, in addition to unnecessary machinery, was turned off.

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Public transportation, such as bullet trains, ran slower. Support and Response[ edit ] Publicity[ edit ] Awareness of the need to save electricity has been raised through public and media support.

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