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Benson, 87, announced Wednesday that he plans to hand over control of the franchises to his wife, Gayle, in the event of his death. Retrieved 14 June Their offices at the team's facility on Airline Drive have been closed.

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Multiple sources within the two sports franchises, both on and off the record, applauded the move. The contest marked the first international soccer match in the state, and was televised live by ESPN both domestically and internationally.

LeBlanc is also playing a key role in the investments being made by her family in the economic development of New Orleans.

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Over 50, young people are reached yearly through Saints Youth Programs, over instructors, coaches and athletic directors receive training and over schools and playgrounds in the region are visited. The suit was filed one day after Tom Benson unexpectedly announced plans to transfer future ownership rita leblanc dating history the clubs to wife, Gayle, cutting off his daughter, Renee LeBlanc, and his two grandchildren, Ryan LeBlanc and Rita Benson LeBlanc, who until recently had been designated as the heir apparent.

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LeBlanc was also honored in New York as one of three selections by vote for W. Benson LeBlanc has had a tumultuous relationship with her grandfather and with many key figures within the team's hierarchy, and was suspended by Tom Benson for three months in The club sold-out on a season-ticket basis for the first time inand has repeated the feat each year since.

The previously blighted and idled properties have served as a catalyst in the Central Business District.

As a direct result, LeBlanc was part of a never-before initiative of raffling off a Super Bowl XLIV ring to a member of the public that is expected to result in contributions exceeding a million dollars in funds that will be distributed to those most effected by the results of the catastrophe.

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As the city moves forward under the direction of newly elected Mayor Mitch Landrieu, LeBlanc and the Saints work in concert with spreading the message that New Orleans is viable base for businesses ranging from film and television production companies to Fortune corporations. She played an integral part in hosting the first U.

Mike Triplett January 23, Renee and Ryan Benson also have been shut out from Benson's operations.

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But Benson's adopted daughter, Renee Benson, and grandchildren Rita Benson LeBlanc and Ryan LeBlanc filed a lawsuit Thursday claiming he should not be allowed to do so because his "health and mental capacity have significantly declined" and he has "fallen under the undue influence" of Gayle, whom Benson married in Benson created a stir when he announced that he was taking away future control of his assets from his daughter and grandchildren and transferring them to his current wife.

She also coordinated the continuing refurbishment of the Superdome and joined the New Orleans Business Council to work for economic growth and development in the area.

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Retrieved January 24, Inthe Benson family again displayed their unwavering commitment to the region, announcing a new partnership with the state of Louisiana that called for the club to make a long-term investment that dramatically revitalized the neighborhood around the Superdome with the addition of The Benson Tower and Champions Square.

In addition to her responsibilities with the Saints, LeBlanc has taken an active leadership role in tackling the economic, environmental and community challenges that face the New Orleans and Gulf South region through serving on the boards of the Business Council of New Orleans and the River Region and of GNO Inc.

Furthering her involvement in the media, television and film industries of the region, LeBlanc also fulfills a position as an executive producer with Horizon Entertainment.