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A criticism often leveled at esports is the lack of females participating reynad and eloise dating sim pro level. Did you play Magic, or any other card games before this?

Reynad and Eloise Hearthstone Card Reveal: Nerubian Unrraveler [KotFT] : hearthstone

Taylor Adams — https: I was I am very bored by those Chinese tournaments already so I want to try something new. Is there a side of you that your stream viewers never see? How do you feel about this, and how do you think things could be improved? If so, where can we expect to see you?

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But we are still getting new people. Are you intending on appearing at some of the more prolific western LAN events now you have backing from the team?

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Are you looking forward to appearing, and how do you think they will portray you? It could be a shoot-for-the-stars goal, because scattered rain blossoms dating one of your videos goes viral, it could end up on the trending page and thus gain significant exposure to your company.

However, silly commercials, like those on the Super Bowl, have ended up as trending YouTube videos shortly following their television debut Would you like to support the website?

Were there other offers on the table?

Reynad + Eloise Mech mage

And now you have joined Tempo Storm, one of the top few Hearthstone teams at the moment, so how did they approach you, and what made you join them over a China-based team? Subscribe to this channel Every day we bring you the top trending videos and news being shared around the web.

Now we want to take things to the next level. Tournament scene is being saturated?

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I created Likke Studios 5 years ago and to see what it has gone on to do is more then I ever imagined. Will streaming remain as your priority now you have joined Tempo Storm?


Yes I think stream is the most important thing for me now and people on Twitch are very friendly, I like them, I had fun. Want to know more about the upcoming Expansion? What made you get into Hearthstone in the first place?

Hmm how did they approach you? We appreciate that by itself. Some industry commentators believe that the tournament scene is becoming saturated.

Listen to the unedited audio whilst reading to appreciate the full charm of Eloise.

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I have been streaming and I had fun with the chat and I got a lot of people know me already and I have followers that are streamers too. Founded by Reynad, Tempo Storm has grown from a Hearthstone only organization to having a strong presence in a myriad of competitive esports scenes under his guidance.

I had dinner together with the team and it was all very good. We want to continue making new original content. Often these videos were recently uploaded a day or so ago. Most importantly we want to bring you the best Entertainment you can ever ask for. How are you settling in at Tempo Storm so far and what are your first impressions of Reynad and the team?

Trending videos are any videos that YouTube users are interacting with at a very high rate.

Reynad and Eloise Hearthstone Card Reveal: Nerubian Unraveler

The three professional players I think is SavjzStrifecro and Lifecoach. So, I would like to thank Eloise for taking the time to talk to me within her super-busy schedule.

I never said any bad words about him. How do you think things could be improved? Check out the latest music videos, trailers, comedy clips, and everything else that people are … Trending this Week.

At the end of March I was playing China Versus Europe and Frodan was casting it and so they think that maybe I am good, so Reynad asked me to join the team and the reason why I I join is because I want more chance to play in some Western tournament.

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I never say he wear any kind of certain items and I will never say that. Eloise, greetings, and welcome to Hearthstonely. Would you care to elaborate on this?

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Which 3 professional players outside of Tempo Storm do you have the most respect for as players? We want to continue working with talented actors and actresses and discover great new talents.

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