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Military Aviation were mobilized: The contract specified the installation 7mm machine guns, with the purpose of using ammunition ever made in the country for weapons of the same caliber used in the infantry. In late July, the rebel government succeeded another device, brought by Lieutenant Artur Mota Lima, who deserted the field of Afonsos, in Rio de Janeiro.

Building destroyed by aerial bombing loyalist in Campinas. In any case Gois finally imposed over Tasso and the 1st Division was placed revolta constitucionalista yahoo dating just in time to block the Paulista advance.

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All were provisionally based on the coves of the Island of San Sebastian, near the village of Bela village current Ilha Bela. For the rebels, difficulties in material procurement were significantly higher.

Constitutionalist Revolution

The negotiations in New York Cityfor example, with Consolidated Aircraft for the purchase of ten aircraft Fleet 10Dwhen nearly completed, were aborted by direct intervention of the Brazilian government with the Department of State.

La extraordinaria vida del jefe revolucionario que nacio mujer La lucha armada de aquellos momentos dificulto el proceso, y fue asi como hasta octubre de se formo el Partido liberal Constitucionalista PLCque aprovecho el momento para lanzar candidatos a diputados constituyentes en practicamente todos los estados de la Republica.

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The plane employment in Constitutionalist War[ edit ] Aviation had its role in the Revolution, although the two sides had fight in a few planes. Convocation poster for Paulista volunteer nurses.

Constitucionalista : Constitucion | Estudio Constitucional

Of the thirty-six, only ten were mounted in time to have effective participation still with particularity. Brazilian loyalist troops, september Daniel Ortega ganador en Nicaragua El gobierno del presidente Enrique Bolanos, del derechista Partido Liberal Constitucionalista, cuestiono torpemente la ayuda venezolana, ya que en lugar de darle un matiz politico prefirio utilizar un lenguaje temerario, pues de acuerdo al canciller nicaraguense, Norman Caldera, estan mas preocupados por el uso no agricola que se le pueda dar al fertilizante porque podria utilizarse como materia prima para explosivos.

Avanza la izquierda en Nicaragua A principios deAlvaro Obregon --candidato presidencial del Partido Liberal Constitucionalista y empenado en sustituir a Carranza-- se establecio provisoriamente en Chilpancingo, donde se le adhirio una division militar dirigida por el general Fortunato Maycotte y en la que Robles se habia alistado.

The aircraft then went to meet primarily bombing and observation missions, and the few whose guns accepted the autochthonous ammunition were intensely ordered and commuted to the three fronts, performing primaryly fighter missions.

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They served also as a propaganda weapon, dropping leaflets on enemy cities and local concentration of rebel troops. Two months earlier, on July 23, Santos Dumontthe "Father of Aviation", depressed by the use of his invention as a weapon of war, committed suicide in Guaruja.

The main front was initially the eastern Paraiba Valley that led to Rio de Janeiro, the then-capital of Brazil. Still, they performed two feats of great impact: However, because air munitions and land have distinct characteristics, the machine guns of Waco C90, often jam after the first bursts.

Traffic Report

Armored tractor called "FS-6" during the Constitutionalist Revolution of Without a doubt, were the most improved aircraft that participated in the air battle. To link tasks, reconnaissance and observation, was also available twelve De Havilland DH 60, two Avro At the beginning of hostilities, legalistic Aviation was better served by aerial means.

In all, there were somemen at the beginning of the conflict, later joined by thousands of volunteers. Contracts negotiated by the federal government, only one, on the purchase of thirty-six Waco C90, materialized quickly enough to allow for operational use in the conflict.

Curtiss Falcon main vector of the rebel aviation. Were robust aircraft equipped with engine Curtiss D H.

Estimated Valuation

The intention was to use C90 Waco primarily as fighter aircraft, and secondarily as bombing and observation. The federal government had approximately 58 aircraft divided between the Navy and the Armyas the Air Force at that time did not constitute an independent arm.

If the first step was to mobilize existing resources, the second, both loyalists as Constitutionalists, was acquiring complementary means necessarily imported, since the local industry was unable to produce them. The other two devices, however, managed to accomplish the mission.

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In this attack one of the aircraft exploded in the air, killing the pilot and co-pilot. Train legalistic rebels taking prisoners. These five planes left Galeao on 12 July.