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Some relatives of striking police officers told Reuters the police unions who clinched the deal with the government did olv online dating represent them.

If accurate, the toll would be more than six times the average daily homicide rate in the state last year. It was still unclear if most policemen would stand by the deal and return to work, as the federal government dispatched more troops to the southeastern coastal state to try to quell the unrest.

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After an initial deployment of 1, troops earlier in the week, the ministry on Thursday said as many as 3, would be in place by the weekend.

The federal government has negotiated debt relief with some states and now finds itself shoring up public security too. Policemen observe a protest organised by family members of police officers, in front of the entrance of the 6th Military Police Battalion, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil February 10, In Rio, where the state government has been struggling to pay salaries, family members of some officers early on Friday blocked entrances to several police stations in an effort to keep officers from patrolling.

State police officials, who said they detained one Rio officer for encouraging a strike online, said the slowdown never affected more than 10 percent of the police force but that officials would remain on guard in case the protest grew.

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Espirito Santo is one of several Brazilian states grappling with a budget crisis that is crippling essential public services for millions of citizens. Espirito Santo officials said charges of rebellion against striking state officers, who in Brazil are organized with military-style ranks and rules, could be dropped for those who returned to work by Saturday morning.

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The police strike over pay during the past week has left a security vacuum and led to rampant assaults, robberies and looting, often in broad daylight.

The tactic, which on a much larger scale has paralyzed Espirito Santo, affected just a few districts.

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He said the state did not foresee a full-fledged strike. Limited protests by police in nearby Rio de Janeiro alarmed residents of the metropolitan area of 12 million people, many of whom live in fear of violence between rival drug gangs and other criminals.

State officials have not confirmed the toll but have said many of those killed are believed to belong to competing gangs.

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Uniforms placed by family members of police officers in protest for better salaries, are pictured in front of the entrance of the military police battalion in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil February 10,