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All poultry keepers should review their biosecurity, sign up for disease alerts, and register their birds with APHA. China yesterday joined the growing list of countries to ban Thai poultry products.

Is it safe to eat chicken?

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This means wild birds carrying the disease can infect domestic poultry, so the best way to reduce the risk of your poultry catching bird flu is to minimise chances for them to come into contact with wild birds or their droppings by practising good biosecurity.

There is no evidence that the flu can be transmitted through cooked food even if terrova 55 i link 12 volt battery hookup or poultry products are contaminated with the virus.

Japan and the European Union, Thailand's two biggest export markets, have already imposed a ban, as have most of its neighbours. Such birds are infectious capable of transmitting the virus to other birds as well as to the bird handlers. In general, washing hands prevents viruses and other contagious illnesses from spreading.

People should bury the internal organs of the chicken to avoid the spread of bird flu. These work best when started at the earliest. Indonesian chickens first started falling ill in August near Pekalongan, in central Java, Mr Sofyan said.

If you have more than 50 birds, you are legally required to register your flock within one month of their arrival at your premises. The latest veterinary outbreak assessment on Avian Influenza in the UK and Europe, which includes the current level of risk to poultry in the UK, is available here.

Tamiflu oseltamivir phosphate and Relenza zanamivir are the two FDA-approved influenza antiviral drugs. Following the avian flu scare, BBMP officials in Yelahanka zone have even suggested residents refrain from buying eggs or chicken meat for some time as a precautionary measure.

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But since many of the symptoms mimic those of human flu, be sure to consult your doctor once. Doctors say that the flu has the potential of transforming into a pandemic in the future if the virus mutates to make human to human transmission possible.

H5N1 virus or bird flu should be treated in a hospital and may require intensive care. People near the affected poultry population have been taken under observation.

Although human to human transmission of the virus has never been reported in India or elsewhere. With eight chickens dying due to suspected H5N1 virus infection on December 29 at a retail outlet at Bhuvaneshwari Nagar in Dasarahalli, the state health and family welfare department on Wednesday began awareness campaigns to put in place preventive measures.

The Avian Influenza Prevention Zone was lifted across England due to the scientific and veterinary evidence showing that the risk of this disease has now returned to low.

Older drugs, amantadine and rimantadine, are approved for treatment and prevention of influenza A.

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It is essential that all bird keepers continue to maintain good biosecurity measures to protect their birds and help prevent outbreaks or spread of diseases. So, any person with these symptoms and a history of exposure to a sick bird or a visit to a poultry farm can be a suspect.

Antiviral medicines can reduce the severity of the illness and have to be taken immediately. Report signs of disease If you suspect disease in your own flock, or you find dead wild birds such as wild ducks, wild geese, swans, gulls or birds of prey, you must let Defra know.

You must review your biosecurity measures now. This outbreak is caused by a subtype of influenza A, known as H5N1. Download The Times of India news app for your device.

What is H5N1 Bird Flu?

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Officials in the world's fourth most populous nation insisted that no human cases of bird flu had been reported. Chances of the flu spreading through consuming properly cooked chicken and eggs are minimal," he said. Once such infected birds reach the chicken shops from poultry, the common person begins to be at a big risk.

Bird handlers should be very cautious with such sick looking birds. A particular type of virus from the large group of viruses that is known to affect bird populations across the globe, type A has been found to be the most lethal. Avian Influenza, popularly known as Bird Flu is a viral disease that commonly affects wild birds.

Bird Flu In Karnataka : Lakh Hens To Be Culled

But many strains of influenza, including the H1N1 influenza, are now resistant to these two drugs. But person to person transmission has not been reported.

More than 9 million chickens have been culled in Thailand and 3 million in Vietnam. People handling or preparing raw poultry must also ensure that juices or blood do not contaminate other food or drink. Read more City news in English and other languages. Stay away from live bird markets, local poultry farms, or any other settings where there might be infected poultry.

The Health Department in Bengaluru has swung into action after fears of a Bird Flu outbreak gripped the city. Depending on minor differences on the genetic make up of the virus, influenza virus is of type A, B and C.

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Bird flu is a type of influenza virus that causes a highly infectious, severe respiratory disease in birds called avian influenza. Find out how to register your birds. However, the only confirmed case so far has been detected in a dead chicken at a stall in Dasarahalli.

Call the Defra helpline on 33 55 Is there a treatment for bird flu?

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Share via Email Indonesia yesterday admitted that millions of birds in dozens of districts across the sprawling archipelago have been dying of the avian flu virus and other illnesses for the last five months.

It is very difficult for the infection to spread from person to person. But it is always safe to eat properly cooked chicken. Given the recent happenings, it is essential that you know what bird flu is all about.

What are its symptoms? Remember that the human influenza virus, which causes flu or common cold and is a very common infection in humans, also presents with similar symptoms only. The director general of animal husbandry in the agriculture ministry, Sofyan Sudarjad, said 4.

Symptoms in birds can vary from symptoms like ruffled feathers, discolouration of feathers, lack of energy and appetite, drop in egg production to severe symptoms which could end in death of the birds. A crisis team of officials from the health and agriculture ministries has reportedly been meeting for months to coordinate a response, particularly if human cases were detected, but an independent source close to the team said no reports of humans falling ill had been received.

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If the fever persists for three days, it is advised to visit a hospital and if H5N1 is detected, the person will be kept in isolation and under observation.

All disease control measures are kept under review based on the latest scientific and veterinary advice. Avoid touching surfaces that could have been contaminated by bird saliva, excreta, or urine 3.

Symptoms in humans Symptoms of H5N1 infection may include fever, malaise, cough, sore throat, muscle aches, abdominal pain, chest pain and diarrhoea.