Rajesh De, NSA General Counsel, Defends Warrantless Wiretapping Program | HuffPost Rajesh De, NSA General Counsel, Defends Warrantless Wiretapping Program | HuffPost

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That, he argued, would be "counterproductive" and "neither feasible nor desirable. Neither De nor any other US official discussed data taken from the internet under different legal authorities.

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Former agency employees have stepped forward to claim that civil liberties protections were abandoned in the war on terror and that the agency wields nearly limitless power to listen in on communications -- not just abroad, but also at home.

First among those principles is intelligence collected will be as narrowly tailored as feasible given our national security needs. Minimization procedures are multi-faceted in that they are designed to address each stage of the intelligence process—from acquisition to use esfj female enfj male dating dissemination to retention of information.

Can you give an example of something the NSA could do with the technology that it has, but is electing not to do because of legal or privacy concerns?

Second, NSA does not independently set its foreign intelligence collection requirements.

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This false myth reflects both deep philosophical distrust of the secretive NSA by some, and the reality that signals intelligence activities, unlike some other intelligence activities, inevitably implicate the privacy rights of U. Are there other enforcement actions that have taken place?

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How different tools interplay with one another? As opposed to a thoughtful discussion about how intelligence works. However, it is absolutely essential not to assume that the legitimacy afforded by public transparency is the only way to achieve accountability, which may—in fact, must, with respect to NSA—primarily be achieved through alternate means.

As I noted earlier, it is evident that the manner in which NSA operates is just as important as the authority under which it operates. Public debate has centered around the agency's warrantless wiretapping program. NSA also keeps Congress apprised of its activities routinely via testimony at open and closed hearings; formal notifications; other written submissions; informal briefings, visits; and other means.

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NSA only operates under positive authority—if the law does not affirmatively authorize NSA to take an action, the Agency cannot do it. Consider the influx of blockbuster movies and television shows that condone a friends-with-benefit agreement and it will likely come as no surprise that attitudes are shifting.

Though this statement may sound simple, it is quite powerful. H You prefer an ordinary life.

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This myth, however, ignores the reality of the legal, policy, and mission landscape within which NSA operates. Cryptology is the business of making and breaking codes.

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But, in fact, [collection] is in response to things called intelligence requirements, which are made through a big, formal process across the executive branch, by which different parts of the policy apparatus articulate needs for information.

Personnel also must receive refresher training throughout their career at NSA.

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NSA operates in the shadows free from external scrutiny or any true accountability. Creativity is part of your being. You want to own everyting you see.

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This scandal was hardly the first time De has lawyered his way through a high-profile, high-stakes position. Section may only be used to target non-U. De also served as the White House staff secretary, personally managing the information flow going to President Obama.

US tech giants knew of NSA data collection, agency's top lawyer insists

In other words, we interact with our Congressional overseers virtually every day. Yes you can name your baby Rajesh! NSA is spying on Americans at home and abroad with questionable or no legal basis. The information assurance responsibility is to protect our communications on national security systems, namely the systems that handle classified information or are otherwise critical to military or intelligence activities.

Before she left office last year, Callahan tussled with other agencies over how broadly they should share private information on Americans. When there is a vacuum, people will naturally think the worst; we all do that.