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Background & General Characteristics

The Politics, Cultures, and Economies of the World, We have long news programs twice a day where we give you news of what has happened around Guinea and the rest of the world. Here are the categories of programs we cover: Despacito rapper 'robbed by impersonator' Daddy Yankee reportedly had jewels worth 2m euros stolen from his hotel room in Spain.

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Guinea declared its independence from France on 2 Octoberfrom independence until the presidential election ofGuinea was governed by a number of autocratic rulers. Comment about this article, ask questions, or add new information about this topic: Interactive instruction by radio has been tried in Guinean classrooms.

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Permit granted for Washington DC far-right rally The 12 August protest falls on the first anniversary of last year's deadly Charlottesville rally. Patterns of language and literacy, population distribution, and historical modes of government have all combined against the presence of a strong press.

The 11 year old girl who beat the skin colour bullies Kheris, 11, was regularly driven to tears by teasing but now she's got a positive message for others.

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The weakened empire fell to invaders from Morocco at the Battle of Una alocada obsesion online dating just three years later, the Moroccans proved unable to rule the kingdom effectively, however, and it split into many small kingdoms 2.

The predominantly Muslim population, about twenty-nine percent urban, inhabits a diverse terrain.


The unicameral Guinean National Assembly is the body of the country. Guineas economy is dependent on agriculture and mineral production. The most successful of these was the Songhai Empire, which expanded its power from about and it continued to prosper until a civil war over succession followed the death of Askia Daoud in The city has a variety of African flavors.

Only some thirty-six percent of Guineans are literate.

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RTG Conakry mainly focuses on providing local news and promoting local art, entertainment, sports, etc. Judge orders deportation plane turnaround He also reportedly said Attorney General Jeff Sessions could be held in contempt of court over the case.

Privacy RTG Conakry, a TV station in Guinea, brings quality news, entertainment, sports, lifestyle, culture, politics, weather, traffic and many other things to the English-speaking audiences on Guinea.

Directorate of Intelligence, 7 May So what do they think of him? Weather We provide daily and weekly weather forecast of various places of Guinea and some major cities around the world.

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You will know about the latest fashion trends, shopping malls, home improvement and renovation tips, cooking shows, competitions, events, and many more. The Soumba waterfall This beautiful waterfall is a 2 hour drive out of the city a short distance across Dubreka.

Quintette Guinéenne

Bureau of African Affairs has estimated it at 2 million, Conakry is thought to contain almost a quarter of the population of Guinea. In the two villages of Conakry and Boubinet had fewer than inhabitants.

Saudi-led air strike on bus kills 29 children The children, all under the age of 15, died in a Saudi-led coalition attack in the rebel-held north. Guinea is a name for the region of Africa that lies along the Gulf of Guinea.

Kim Jong-un strips to his vest The Supreme Leader cools off on inspection visit, but other officials have to swelter in uniform. This will be one of many charity events that we have planned for this year.

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The judicial branch is led by the Guinea Supreme Court, the highest, the country is named after the Guinea region. Horoya Liberty is published in French and the local languages.

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Wed, 08 Aug In mid the university at Kankan, isolated in the interior, was getting its own campus computer system and high-speed Internet connection.

It is the second largest producer of bauxite, and has rich deposits of diamonds. The popular musical instruments include ngoni,