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One day the old lady thought: So here you see me preparing. I was thinking about a solution to get the cheese out of the lake and I think that between the two of us can do it. Since this coyote was a bit silly, he believed the bunny. Look, do you see that bag over there?

And a rabbit, also in the folklore of some people is a trickster and liar animal, but is equally benefactor, as he brought fire from across the sea for the benefit of mankind, thus demonstrating its dual nature, similar that of his opponent.

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So it happened that when he helped the rabbit free, he ran away as fast as he could and only his ears moving were seen. That day the old lady was not around, so she did not realize that the rabbit had been caught.

What happened?

It was a cactus and had thorns! Usually, that kind of story has a moral implication, which is a conventional feature on this literary genre. Time passed and again the coyote found his enemy, this time on the shore of a lake. They agreed that the rabbit was going to hold the coyote because the coyote had longer arms and could reach the cheese easily.

The following night, the rabbit was eating a radish in the farm of the old lady when the coyote stalked from behind and caught him. A couple days later the coyote happened to find the rabbit again and said: But the bunny, very clever, said: Look, you see that herd over there?

In many Mexican indigenous stories as well as ethnic groups in the North American desert, there is a series of stories where the protagonists are a rabbit and a coyote, and the winner can be either.

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And so he did, the rabbit started beating it up until he was stuck. But what the coyote did not know is that the cheese was actually the full moon reflected in the water.

Would you like some?!

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What do you think? When he was about to take a bite, the rabbit said: When the coyote was already in the water, the rabbit let go and the poor coyote drowned.

The coyote waited for the goat, but only waited. The drawing was made by Jennifer Hennen.

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Tired of it, the old lady put traps, but the bold rabbit was never caught. They were discussing who clutched the hand of whom until he finally agreed.

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However, a hungry coyote was passing by and got him. There was once an old woman who had a small farm with lettuce, radishes and beets, and there was a bunny that came every night to find something to eat. The rabbit had fooled him again.

With his hand the coyote began to stir the pot where there were supposed to be the chicharrones, but were not such —it was a buzzing hive of bees, producing a noise as if something were frying.

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