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Four Featherweight-design variations include chrome flywheels and face-plate scrollwork on the earlier versions, versus black flywheels and a striated face-plate pattern on the later versions. Serial numbers are stamped on the underside of the machine, and consist of two letters, followed by six digits e.

It wraps around the presser bar just like the original presser foot did. Quarter inch foot for singer featherweight dating still a scant just slightly it's almost like in-between a true and it's guinness Gantt but there it is on the stitching line right there let me turn this just a little bit.

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Maintenance was made easier with a single thumb screw releasing the bottom pan for lubrication and servicing. For those who collect toy machines, it's too big, weighing in at 11 lbs 1 oz.

That's another feature of this one that I forgot to mention ok.

Singer Featherweight Dating

Case changed from lift out style to shelf on left around this run. We're going to go ahead and get started.

The combination free-arm model K is a rarer find in the United States than it is in England. Some people prefer something a little more open and this one coraje el perro cobarde piloto latino dating very very popular it is a scant.

The Singer manufacturing seal on the front of the machine varied in design over time.

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Production during WW2 was severely limited and some of machines made during this period had black painted parts instead of chrome and others had a crinkle finish paint work. What is the birthdate of your Singer Featherweight?

Singer Featherweight Serial Numbers and Production Dates If you have had trouble, check this singer featherweight dating and try repositioning the thread cutter on quarter inch foot for singer featherweight dating presser foot bar.


This lightweight machine that comes with its own handy case resembling and roughly the size of an old-fashioned cosmetics case or record case is also valued for its portability, by those who attend classes and conferences with fellow quilters around the world.

The improved model, which followed three years later, had a re-worked bobbin case and a numbered Tension dial which took the guesswork out of tension setting. The K has a removable-bed extension, for use when sewing pant legs and shirt sleeves, and weighs in about 2 lbs more than the model These were apparently produced in the Kilbowie factory in Scotland, between roughly and Quilters, therefore, value a machine that can sew a straight lock stitch without the slight zig-zag that characterizes the straight stitch on most modern machines.

You machine will fall into one of these categories:. For those who collect antiques, it's too new, having been manufactured in the United States between and with the white-colored K version made in Britain from This is the scant quarter inch foot and the way you attach it to your machine I will show you real quick me unscrew this to show you is it slides up the presser bar and then you put your screw and you hold this foot up as high as it'll go with the screw and you screw it down as tight as you can if you need to get it exceptionally tight we do carry some screws that have a groove down here that you can then use a screw driver to get really good and tight ok let's move on to the next foot.

Okay, this last foot is the patchwork quarter-inch foot it actually comes with a little bar that you can slide in this side or even in the other direction and it will have like a guide there that you can do decorative stitching if you want lines like equidistance - equidistant to each other I don't use it with the bar I just take it out and use it as the foot by itself you wouldn't want to do any quilting with it like it's called a patchwork quarter-inch foot.

Quarter Inch Foot Comparison on the Singer Featherweight

Okay, we'll do the next one okay. I can show you the differences between all of them one little tip I'm going to give you about the singer featherweight before you start sewing and before you lower your presser bar is to line up your needle first and you lower your needle first thing that locks your stitch in and prevents the thread from backing out of the needle and it also helps prevent thread jams and things like that then you lower your presser bar and hold your thread tails you can see there that the stitch or the guide right there is holding in that fabric edge and that's what it's designed to do this particular quarter-inch foot like I said is our most popular and it produces a scant quarter-inch foot or a scant quarter inch seam.

The was introduced at the Chicago World's Fair, and a commemorative medallion exists on machines marketed at that event. This new machine was introduced to the public in at the Chicago World's Fair.

You line up the fabric edge there to the fright right front toe go ahead and stitch this line and then we'll measure it. Officially called the Singer Three-Way Table, these were advertised as multi-purpose for use in sewing, card playing, and informal dining.

Now let's go ahead and take our little ruler here and I'm going to use another piece of fabric just. The engineering and planning that Singer put into this new Featherweight made it a total winner ,where the So the called Sewhandy had failed to take over the marketIt was far heavier and clumsy.

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The number one rule if you sit down to sew and suddenly your tension is off — rethread the entire machine. There is the stitching line and there is the edge of the fabric.

That you can call the Singer company and get the birthdate of yourmachine. While many existing machines were well-loved and thus well-used, Featherweights are by no means rare.

Advertisements in quilters' magazines bring higher prices. Okay, let's do the next foot.

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Older cases have an accessory tray that stacks on top of the machine, which is set down in the case. The featherweight, although constructed of aluminum and thus very lightweight, runs smoothly and quietly due to its well-balanced rotary-hook mechanism.

These tables are somewhat rarer than the machines, possibly because of their convertible design. Having the belt too tight can cause the machine to run slowly and can damage or ruin the motor.

1/4 inch Quilting Foot

This produces a true quarter inch seam if you have any questions feel free to give us a call in the shop or go to our website to ww singer featherweight calm or april 's calm. Using the letters only, you can determine place of manufacture and approximate date of manufacture. The predominant finish on the is a shiny black.

If you want to use it as a scant quarter-inch foot you sure can once again lower your needle first lower your presser bar and you're going to you put the fabric right on the edge of that foot.

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Even during the years of its manufacture it was sometimes ignored by the sewing public, as looking too much like a toy, and being too expensive for depression-era and wartime pocketbooks.

SingerSewingCompany 1 minute to read The straight stitch foot is mainly used for sewing seams on very lightweight shear or slippery fabrics this foot is sometimes referred to as a quarter-inch foot because of the seam guide lines marked on the front of the foot the bottom of the foot is….

For those people who find that the black guide kind of gets in the way when they're going over a seam allowance of you know when you're piecing your blocks together sometimes these cross seams and those black guides can get in the way as you're going over them and.

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The newer cases have a built-in side shelf for accessories and bobbins, and a place for the foot pedal on the inside of the case cover. You can see where it measures.

The gold leaf on the machine varies slightly in pattern over the years as well.

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Now collectors are starting to take notice, too. Singer Featherweight Dating.

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Most Featherweights have one of a few standard designs of an oval gold seal reading "Singer Manufacturing Company. Cases are black, with leather handles on the older models and plastic on the newer.

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That's what the open-toe quarter-inch foot and again this one and the regular quarter-inch foot are two most popular. Quilt tops are pieced together from small scraps of fabric using quarter-inch seam allowances.

The rumored mint-green Featherweight is apparently an alternate description of the white machine, which can have a slightly greenish cast. It is possible that special seals may also exist for the World's Fair in New York or for any of the expositions that took place in the s while the was still being manufactured.

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You can see the line when I measuring. In addition to the cases, Featherweights were sometimes sold with specially-designed folding convertible card tables, with a removable section for the machine.

You must have the serial number, of course.