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Sandro Darakhvelidze Assistant Director: Sardeni wlis 10 seqtembers zrvit samegrelosi Cavida.

Isini, Georgian National Filmography

The young hero manages to bring a candle put out on the grave of the Lord from Jerusalem to a small Georgian church without blowing it out.

These stories happen on same place and on same time. The third story 21st century is about a young resident of town forced to betray his principles because of love. Levan Gakhokidze, Konstantine Kikabidze Production: She has written music for the documentary Open Windows director Giorgi Kharebava wt, minidv, feradi rejisori: What if you are mistaken?

It s Called Georgiadoc. He can recognize hidden masterpieces among faceless drawings, oil paintings and handcrafts.

Images of Qartuli Filmi Sezoni

The scene of the second story is set in 20th century, against the background of the Second World War. Fragments of the film appear on the screen.

Alexandre Rekhviashvili Direcotr of Photography: The film is about a struggle between the good and evil, about Georgia s renaissance at long last. Tornike bziava, ana amirize, internet dating scams in sofia fedoseeva-suksina, otar mervinetuxucesi, givi berikasvili, bizina CxeiZe, badri begalisvili, laura rexviasvili musika: Its characters are teenagers faced with the problem of AIDS and trying to get rid of it independently.

სიახლეები წელი », ფილმები ქართულად, filmebi qartulad,

The film principal character is dreaming about reaching the tops. He has worked for the state TV channel of Georgia. Let You Always Sing, Mother! The film tells how the educational institution developed as one of pillars of ancient nation s national identity.

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Marina Germanishvili Director of Photography: Independent Film Project igor sanovici, eskizi portretistvis moskovis ert patara binasi cxovrobs aracveulebrivi kaci igor sanovici. Rusudan Pkhakadze Project of women s consulting centre Sakhli Contact: He leads the Georgian ministry of agriculture and is the youngest minister in the government of Saakashvili.

TV Company Rustavi 2 Contact: In he began his career as an independent filmmaker. Georgian State University of Theatre and Film, speciality - film-video director Mikheil Maghalashvili, Nugzar Nozadze Cast: Iakob Bobokhidze Art Directors: And one lady dreams of her children maintaining their background.

Complications arise when it turns out that the principal witnesses have not been completely outspoken The film characters fight against evil and defeat it with the aid of kindness and freinds.

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He is a co-founder of the Sakdoc Film producing company. The wishes made on the night before the birthday reflect delicate soul of a little girl, Niniko and is expressed in a beautiful and magic dreams. Tina bednieria, sayvareli adamiani gverdit yavs da speqtaqlsic mtavari roli andes.

He graduated from the State Technical University Tbilisi: Wife of a Soviet general finds her husband dead in the apartment of his mistress.

Some remember the happiest days of their lives, some mourn over their husbands, some grieve for their past. Homeland of One Pebbledoc. The film is dedicated right to them and their mode of life.

In restrictions were lifted and they were allowed to settle anywhere except their homeland.

Mamluqi qartuli filmi

In she graduated from Tbilisi State Technical University, speciality film director. The camera crew traveled through Georgia, collected crumbs of grief and joy of Georgian mothers and included them in the film. But soon he finds out that the forests are set on fire even in his illusive world.

Avtandil Varsimashvili Directors of Photography: Head of the family acts as if his deceased wife was still alive and lived with him.

Independent Film Project Members of an orchestra are tuning up. Andro Sakvarelidze, Giga Chkheidze Screenplay: Davit Vashadze, Dea Kulumbegashvili Producer: On 10 September Chardin arrived in Samegrelo by the sea. The stage is being prepared for the opera Keto and Kote. Transparent Tankdoc.

Isini qartuli filmi

History of the glasses goes back to the nineteenth century. Dissecting room, the Police and investigator trying to investigate murder and restore the picture of last days of the dead man Malkhaz Barbakadze Director od Photography: It has passed through the hands of many people from a glass maker from Livorno to the one-earless-bill from Texas.

From to he attended the Tbilisi Theater and Film Institute.