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As a rule, until a credible excuse is made out, the natural inference would be that it is inexcusable; and Defendants are likely to be seriously prejudiced by the delay.

The institution and continuance of a criminal suit; the process of exhibiting formal charges or accusations before a legal tribunal and the pressing of them: The institution and conduct of a legal proceeding. Inordinate delay, That this inordinate delay is inexcusable.

Based on 29 documents Examples of Prosecution in a sentence At the election of Licensor, Licensee will either pay Prosecution Counsel directly for patent expenses or will reimburse Licensor for such patent expenses.

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Thus, the defendant need only establish that there has been inordinate delay. Licensee's obligations to pay all past and future patent expenses pursuant to Section 6 Patent Expenses and Prosecution will not be limited by such amount.

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The party by whom proceedings are instituted: Duhaime Lawisms Legality and oppression are not unknown to run hand in hand. Pollen, Justice Gow wrote these words of wisdom: The institution, or commencement, and continuance of a criminal suit; the process of exhibiting formal charges against an offender before a legal tribunal, and pursuing them to final judgment on behalf of the state or government, as by indictment or information.

Therefore, this is merely legal information designed to educate the reader.


This principle is expressed in the rules of court that the object of the Rules If Licensee wishes to instruct Prosecution Counsel directly or change Prosecution Counsel, Licensee may request to do so by following the Licensor's procedures for such.

Licensor reserves in its sole discretion the ability to change Prosecution Counsel and to approve or disapprove any requested changes by Licensee.

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The act of prosecuting a scheme or endeavor. An application to a judge to dismiss a law suit alleging that the litigant has inexcusably delayed moving the litigation along and that under the circumstances, the litigation ought to be dismissed.

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It is not intended to be legal advice and you would be foolhardy to rely on it in respect to any specific situation you or an acquaintance may be facing. The party by whom criminal proceedings are instituted.


The institution of legal proceedings particularly criminal against a person. The act or process of prosecuting, or of endeavoring to gain or accomplish something; pursuit by efforts of body or mind n. The leading case on want of prosecution is a British decision ofAllen v.

Save time with our search provider modern browsers only If you find an error or omission in Duhaime's Law Dictionary, or if you have suggestion for a legal term, we'd love to hear from you! Prosecution Definition of Prosecution Prosecution means prosecution of any proceeding in the United States Patent and Trademark Office or in any other registration authority in any country, including regarding any application whether ex parte or inter partesincluding interference, reexamination and reissue.

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The act of prosecuting. The act or process of prosecuting, or pursuing with the object of obtaining or accomplishing something; pursuit by endeavor of body or mind; the carrying on or following up of any matter in hand: The institution and carrying on of a suit in a court of law or equity, to obtain some right, or to redress and punish some wrong; the carrying on of a judicial proceeding in behalf of a complaining party, as distinguished from defense.

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Justice Hawkins, Roberts v Jones, 2 Q. If you have a real situation, this information will serve as a good springboard to get legal advice from a lawyer.

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Licensor will request that copies of all documents prepared by the Prosecution Counsel for submission to governmental patent offices be provided to Licensee for review and comment prior to filing, to the extent practicable under the circumstances.

In addition, the law changes rapidly and sometimes with little notice so from time to time, an article may not be up to date. Compare persecution, and see more at prosecute. A following after; a pursuing; pursuit. The institution and carrying on of a suit in a court of law or equity to obtain some right or to redress and punish some wrong: Serious prejudice will be presumed to the defendant unless the plaintiff rebuts that presumption.