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Wikiquote has quotations related to: Eugene to the army, Florentine to marriage, and Daniel to death.

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Futility of war[ edit ] Roy shows many opinions on the war by various characters, but there is a strong sense of war being senseless. Wanting to satisfy his withered ego, he agrees to date Florentine.

Characters[ edit ] Florentine Lacasse: For Azarius, it is the loss of his vocation and subsequently his identity as a "man". Feminine condition[ edit ] The condition of the woman is treated throughout the novel both on the individual level in the lives of Rose-Anna and her daughter, Florentine and universally when Rose-Anna identifies with women across the world who are affected by the senselessness of war.

Emmanuel falls in love with Florentine.

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For Rose-Anna, that is best seen at the end of the novel, when she gives birth practically alone. She feels completely alone and even Azarius is not there when she calls for him.

He struggles with his own motivations and concludes that the purpose for going to war must be to end it one day. Feminist undertones can be found in the way Roy describes Rose-Anna's role in the family.

Emmanuel is one character along with Rose-Anna who questions the meaning and motive behind going to war.

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Despite this, Florentine's attraction towards Jean will have important consequences in her life. For Rose-Anna, it is the loss of her children: Florentine's mother, a central character in the novel who often takes on the role of the head of the family when Azarius fails to provide leadership.

The wedge house of the novel The story takes place in Montrealprincipally in the poor neighbourhood of Saint-Henribetween February and Mayduring the Second World Warwhen Quebec is still suffering from the Great Depression.

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Florentine's father, a construction worker by trade who has fallen on hard times because of the depressed economy and is now working as a taxi driver to get by. Solitude[ edit ] Despite being about a family, the novel demonstrates the solitude of the various characters.

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A parallel thread in the novel is the Lacasse family life, made difficult by their poverty. Florentine's brother, who joined the army Jenny: She supports her parents and siblings financially.

Rose-Anna is, in some ways, a victim of circumstance with a husband who has no work, poverty that causes her to go searching for new lodging every spring, and her Catholic faith that does not allow her to use birth control and results in many pregnancies which take their toll on her both physically and emotionally.

A young waitress at the Five and Ten restaurant, she finds her current life to be one of drudgery and longs to find something better.

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