NCSim recompilation and simulation NCSim recompilation and simulation

Ncsim restart simulation dating, ncsim recompilation and simulation

September 29, 2011

All other G-codes and M-codes are ignored. I do not expect to provide much support for NCSim at any level, users or developers, so please do not Ynek online dating me with basic compilation question.

Please contact me only if you find incompatibilities between the irit code and NCSim as both are undergoing a continuous update and might be out of sync.

Any value that is less than 1 ns will be reduced to 0. The ncsim restart simulation dating mouse button scales the scene. Interesting GCode contibution examples are always welcome as well. If you really want the sources and consider yourself an expert, make sure to successfully download and compile these two packages before trying to build NCSim.

Developing & Delivering KnowHow

Use the drop down box labelled Resolution to select a different resolution Highlight the testbench to simulate Click OK To change the default resolution: The first non-comment line of NCSim. Unfortunately there is no help for NCSim at this time, beyond tool-tip on pretty much everything.

I needed such a simulator for resaons I might have the time to add to this page in the future, and further desired one I can explore as deeply as I had like. It interprets G0,G1,G2,G3 geometric motions commands only, while allowing different tools T commandsfeedrates F command and spindle speeds S commands control.

If you run a simulation launched from the FPGA vendor's development environment, then you should find the time resolution is set appropriately - probably to picoseconds.

To download a few G-code examples, some from the WEB that were tested to work: For instance Xilinx DLLs contain a delay-line made up of a sequence of either 25ps or 50ps delay steps - which is smaller than 1 ns, so a behavioral model of such a DLL will not work unless the time resolution is set.

There are other features to this simulator that I needed and are there for you to find. This automatic installation also unpacks a few NC Gcode examples in a NCSimData subdirectory relative to the selected root directory, "c: This is a problem in certain models.

Re: NCSim recompilation and simulation

Other changes in NCSim. Change that to a diretory and name you desire. However if you run simulation stand-alone in your simulator, you must remember to do this yourself. Alt-P will then open a Parameters widget for this specific simulation. Finally, let me know if you have ideas how to extent and make this program more useful.

NCSim was written due to a simple need. If you do this, it is important to make sure that the time resolution of your simulator is set correctly.

Simulating Clock Circuits

You probably want to try something immediately so make sure "NC Z-buffer" is checked in the Parameters widget and click on the "video-control" 'Forward' button in the main window to start your first simulation.

Mentor Modelsim From the command line, or in a Tcl script: You probably also want to know about Alt-R which opens another widget to control the way the graphics display is rendered. NCSim is free to use, in non commercial applications.

Find the installation directory of Modelsim In that directory, make the file modelsim. Here are some examples of setting time resolution in a range of different simulators. In the graphics display window, click-left mouse button allows you to rotate the scene while the click-right mouse mouse offers translation control.

Many simulators default to 1 ns time resolution. Both are free packages as well Irit is free for non commercial use only but are not trivial to work with. This config file will be automatically read in next time you upload the G-code file. The G-Code text and the tool path's geometry should appear in two separated windows.

Below are a few spanshops for NCSim to provide you with some hints: Beware that they depend on a couple of large packages: