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Tatiana Rodriguez commented that: Matilda is Daniel's ex-girlfriend, and she is determined to win his love back and destroy Grachi. Erika Navarro as Veronica Season 1 — Member of the pink gossips.

He has a crush on Grachi and hates Daniel. On the other hand, Mauricio henao dating starts dating Diego, a Kanay whom she has an on and off relationship due to Matilda's obsession with her powers and her witch instincts.

Mauricio Henao

She falls in love with Daniel right away, but her love is not reciprocated. Mauricio Henao as Antonio "Tony" Gordillo — A highly intelligent and nerdy boy who falls in love with Grachi, but his affections aren't reciprocated.

During the second season, he doesn't wear his glasses anymore, and has a more mature look.

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Chema's parents are artists who tour most of the time, so Chema lives with his uncle Ricardo and aunt Cristina and his four cousins. At the beginning of season one, she moves to a new neighborhood with her father Francisco, who is the new math professor at Escolarium.

He was a minor character during the first season and got a prominent role during the following ones; bel powley dating the third season he falls in love with Amaya, who is Axel's sister and actually his girlfriend at the end of the third season.

Andreina Santander as Marta Season 1 — Member of the pink gossips. Her best friend is Mecha, while she is in love with Daniel.

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He and Grachi start a relationship during the first season's last episodes. Matilda finally realizes that Grachi and Daniel are meant to be together. She is the leader of the "Red Panthers", a group of girls who dance and respond to all of Matilda's manipulations.

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In season 2, she moves out of Matilda's mansion with her mother. In season two, he and Leo become enemies, because both want to be with Grachi.

In the last episode of the second season, she tries to destroy Grachi's father and Matilda's mother wedding for revenge.

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During season three, she takes her memory back and tries to take revenge, but in the end she befriends Grachi. Manuel Carrillo as Ricardo Esquivel — Daniel's father.

Main[ edit ] Isabella Castillo as Graciela "Grachi" Alonso — A new year-old student at Escolarium, she is a very powerful witch who has inherited her powers from her late mother. He's Chema's cousin and best friend. Daniel's parents are Cristina and Ricardo, and he has three siblings: He's the villain of the third season and uses his power to do misdeeds.

He is the new coach of "The Dolphins" in season two and is in love with Alejandra. She hates Matilda, but is stuck living in the same house as her because Lolo works for Ursula, Matilda's mother. She is in love with Tony. He used to be "The Sharks" team coach, but later resigned during the second season.

Leo's assistant and girlfriend in season three. The executive producers are Solange Rivero and Yuldor Gutierrez. He doesn't appear in the third season. Diego's best friend and Rosa's boyfriend during the second and third season.

During the third season, he befriends Daniel and starts a relationship with his best friend Valeria. She was the guardian of Ora. She accidentally obtained Matilda's powers during the final episode of the first season and the first ones of the second one.

Cristian Campocasso as Luis Esquivel — Daniel's younger brother.

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She gets closer to Grachi and Francisco during the second season. Betty transfers to a different school during the first season. Matilda doesn't return for the third season. He falls in love with Mecha, and later becomes part of the heroes and Mecha's boyfriend.

Mauricio Hénao

During the third season, he becomes an antagonist, trying to destroy Grachi for not loving him back, but he is locked up in a magical powder box by Axel. He joins the swimming team "The Sharks".

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Like her brothers, she likes Grachi and wants her to be Daniel's girlfriend. Director Season 1 — Principal of Escolarium and main antagonist in season one.

Mauricio Hénao

She deals with using her magic and trying to find out how to defeat the Principal an evil witch who tries to steal the powers of Grachi so she can be the most powerful witch. Season 1[ edit ] The season centers on Grachi Isabella Castilloa witch and a new student in Escolarium. He returns for the second and third season as a guest star, revealing he's a wizard.

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Dotty and Betty's best friend. She marries Francisco at the end of the season. Angela Rincon as Silvia — Member of the pink gossips. Season 3[ edit ] Grachi enrolls in the School of Witches, where she meets a new love-interest and main antagonist, Axel, a mischievous wizard.