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His special area of interest is World War II and its aftermath.

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Chodakiewicz calls for an alliance between the Eastern European countries to contain Russia, however according to Roider such a call is likely to fall on deaf ears as the United State's attention is focused elsewhere. While attempting to appeal to an American audience, the book demands the reader know quite a bit about Eastern European history.

Much of the book focuses on the post Intermarium, describing a struggle between patriots and post-communist Russophiles. On top of that, we offer state of the art security and encryption to protect both our members privacy and financial data. Laurence Weinbaum compares Chodakiewicz's writing to pseudo-scholarly screeds and says that Chodakiewicz believes the antisemitism scholars in Poland are advancing an anti-Western and anti-American agenda.

Chodakiewicz suggested to counter the Jewish campaign by publicizing Pope John Paul II 's accomplishments, explaining that a free and independent Poland is indispensable for peace and Europe, and finally by explaining that March was an anti-communist student rebellion while the purges were done by the communist party and not by Poles.

The discretion of our members and the safety of their information is our highest priority. The group function is especially handy for polyamorous groupings to find people to play with. Before, During, and After on the Jedwabne pogromPeter Stachura in a very positive review described the book as meticulous and well researched.

Controversy erupted towards the end of his term over Chodakiewicz's claims in several publications that Polish nationalists who murdered Jews after the Holocaust, in events such as the Kielce pogromwere not motivated by Antisemitism.

In his approach to the Holocaust was criticized by Joanna Michlica professor of Polish-Jewish history at Lehigh Universityas an attempt to erase the "dark past" by showing only a "good past". According to Roider, "there are conspiracies everywhere in this book, but the author offers no names, no institutions, no objectives, and no strategies" other than undermining the Intermarium's return to the pre Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.

According to Chodakiewicz, contrary to the popular view in the English speaking world viewing events through the prism of AntisemitismMarch was a protest of Polish students against communist rule.