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Nov 9, Learn more about Kal-El's Kryptonian culture. Sep 13, The filmmaker explains why he wanted the final battle between Superman and Zod to have a mythological resonance. Find out what they have to say right now.

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A bad movie as any superman movie. Hopefully next time they get someone who actually gets the character to direct a Superman movie, not someome who's ashamed of the characters roots. Apr 22, Henry Cavill teases that the massive destruction in 's Man of Steel happened for the greater good, and due to Superman's inexperience.

I don't know who desirable women for dating main character in the film was but it's defininitely not Superman.

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Labs to Watchmen, take a look at what you might have missed. Aug 19, The set will include collectible figurines of Superman and General Zod, with a release date yet to be announced.

Oct 28, VideoLab enhances the color and brightness of Zack Snyder's Man of Steel, offering a much different look at the superhero adventure. Oct 17, The screenwriter also hints that he may be writing Warner Bros.

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Jan 13, Fans are waging a war on Twitter against critics who give DC movies a bad review, and now one man has taken it too far. If Zack Snyders idea of a Superman movie is where everything is bleak and pessimistic all the time, where Pa Kent thinks it might be acceptable to tell his teenage son he should have let a bus full of children drown, or where Superman snaps someones fucking neck then I have only one thing to say to him, fuck you.

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This is as bad as if not worse than when Joel Schumacher turned Batman into a wise cracking comedian with portruding nipples. And no the new 52 version doesn't count, there is a reason why everyone hated that version of Superman, why DC rebooted with Rebirth not 5 years into the characters run because that version of the character fucking sucked balls.

Goyer reveals why the iconic villain General Zod was killed in the Superman movie starring Henry Cavill. Superman is not Batman in blue, he is not a brooding uncharismatic punching machine and most of all he isn't a fucking murderer. Nov 5, LearnAboutKrypton.

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It's pretty evident after watching the movie that Zack Snyder has never read a single Superman comic in his life. Would not recommend even if someone held a gun to my head.

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I hope a can watch a good superman movie before I die. Superman is supposed to beacon of hope, not some depressed guy who looks he finds it's a chore everytime he saves someone.

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Mar 14, Warner Bros. You turned one of the most iconic, bright and colorful characters in the comics into a half assed Jesus parallel.

Nov 4, The director reveals why he didn't cast Henry Cavill in Superman Returns, when he was vying for the role with Brandon Routh. Mar 8, Man of Steel writer David S.