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Well look no further, because this article of the 20 most second generation indian uk dating Black Ops Emblems will give you plenty of places to start. As a bonus, that video also contains two other high-quality emblems for you to choose from.

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Rock out with this emblem and your enemies will quake in their boots. Tired of all the people running around with mishmash emblems of skulls and fire and wings? All these emblems are creative and detailed, with Youtube guides! Just follow this step by step Black Ops J ames Bond emblem tutorial.

Use his power as your own with this Emblem, crafted after the famous intro sequence. It's more complicated than it looks, but the effort is well worth it for such a good looking emblem.

Top 20 Black Ops Emblems (With Tutorials!)

So here's one for the sports fans out there! Do you love to "halo jum p" around corners to catch your enemy by surprise? Pokeball Emblem Tutorial Much like the detailed 8 Ball earlier on this list, the Pokeball emblem tutorial is quite detailed and realistic-lookng.

Well, your strategy might not be the greatest for this particular shooter, but you can certainly show off your pride as a Halo player with this Halo Logo Emblem tutorial! Plus, if you want to test it out before you make it on the console, you can visit this emblem simulator!

Sure the reference may be a little old for today's immature gamers on Xbox Live, but you and your friends will know, right? Tell me in the comments! If so, you can follow this Lakers emblem tutorial and build their logo for your own.

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Hit up Youtube and replace "Lakers" with any sports team you can imagine; there's bound to be an emblem there for you. Here's the video of the 8 Ball Emblem Tutorial. This means you can show your love of pokemon while creaming people in Black Ops!

James Bond Emblem Tutorial Smooth and suave, James Bond would be a little out of place in the Black Ops universe, where firepower and bombastic air support is the name of the game.

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The only downside is the video is a bit lopsided, but you get the idea. Various Sports Emblem Tutorials Not everyone who plays Black Ops is a huge nerd like I am, so not everyone will get a kick out of the old-school references and gaming icons presented in this article.

Well then, go ahead and follow this Brotherhood of Steel emblem tutorial to make your Black Ops emblem a symbol of your power. Sick of the swastika that seems to show up in every game?

The tutorial, like most youtube tutorials, will show you step by step which icons to put where and what color to make them to make the most detailed Pokeball you can.

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Follow it and have one of the most detailed and beautiful Black Ops emblems available in the game. Besides, isn't it worth it to have Robocop as your personal emblem? Don't want some pop culture reference or game logo? Even so, the fantastic secret agent icon on your callsign will give your enemies pause, giving you all the time in the world to take advantage of.

Your favorite might make it into the next article!

Call of Duty: Black Ops II Emblem images

Does this appeal to you? Make creative use of this emblem and in no time at all you'll be wishing your ballistic knife was a beam sword and your sniper rifle didn't suck. Or laugh at how much of a nerd you are, but that only makes them easier to kill.

Don't see your favorite Black Ops emblem on this list? Michael Hartman ; updated: Detailed 8 Ball Emblem Tutorial Want somethign classy but understated? Sure, doing so costs COD Bucks, earned through gameplay, but it's worth it to show off your favorite logo.

Fan of the Lakers? As the comments on the video say, you can even add a 2 or 3 to show your preference of games, but the fonts are off so it won't look quite right.

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Fallout Brotherhood of Steel Emblem Tutorial In the Fallout games, the Brotherhood of Steel is a dangerous clan of men and women who hoard technology to themselves, using their superior firepower and tech to keep dangerous knowledge away from the general population of the Wasteland.

There's fifteen more to go! Don't see your favorite emblem? Show off your emblem and represent your favorite games, TV shows, or bits of pop culture with any one of these Black Ops Emblem tutorials!

Also, please let me know in the comments if any of the links stop working. Think the "gorilla with a penis lol" is trite and over-done?

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Follow this Black Ops emblem tutorial and you'll have your very own Robocop. Nighthand ; edited by: Use your pokeball to call in your dogs; it's super effective! Why not go follow the tutorial for this 8 Ball!