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Bristle is often seen making chocolate, and usually someone winds up spilling the bowl of chocolate. Averted in "Days Without Night", when Scarecrow says that plants are turning brown and dying from having too much sunlight.

According to the official website, the former spelling is correct.

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Irmegard the bat gets grounded at the end of "A Foggy Day" by her mother, who thought she was at the mall. Pinafore in the movie. I don't want to live with The Queen! Mumfie whistles the theme song in the episode "Cabin Fever" while reading a book, much to Scarecrow's annoyance.

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However, fabric covers his private areas later in the same episode. An official Fox Kids magazine spelled it this way as well. Any far off shot on the show will be like this. What do you expect from a show with "Magic Adventures" in it's title?

The creator says that she thinks making characters use the bathroom would be considered not-plot relevant. Whenever Mumfie says "Sssh A reference to Stephen Kingof all things, can be found the end of the episode, when Scarecrow refuses to be king after being Offered the Crown.

Bristle may ashfield homes tinder dating site bossy, but he does mean well. As mentioned on the page for this trope, elephants also love sugar.

Somewhere, a Mammalogist Is Crying: When Pinkey sits down and the focus isn't on her in the Phoenix Animation episodes, she looks like a jellybean.

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Vile Villain, Saccharine Show: Acres segments of Garfield and Friends. Also, Mumfie often brings cake with him to eat, usually in the form of crumbs. Averted with Scarecrow, as his scary faces in the show are Actually Pretty Funny. Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!

A lot of elements in this story are quite similar to The Wizard of Oz. There's around 2 minutes of material set in a prison-like setting. Mumfie's reaction in the Mumfie's Quest arc when the Black Cat fools him into being prisoner in the holding cell, as well as when making time reverse in "Time Waits For No Mumfie".

Pirates These pirates served Davy Jones when they kept Mr Admiral a prisoner until they became good guys.

The Black Cat starts and ends her sentences with purring. A few episodes, like "Sea of Surprises", "Mumfie's White Christmas" though you'd only find it in these two if you pause it when Mumfie is going to bed"Cabin Fever" another hidden frame when Mumfie climbs on top of a chest and "Upside-Down Magic" reveal that Mumfie doesn't wear underwear.

Scarecrow is crowned king in "Scarecrowella", but refuses due to the strict rules.

This series contains examples of:

In the Mumfie's Quest movie, Mumfie lands in a beautiful meadow after jumping from the Queen of Night's umbrella. In a rare case where it wasn't a character, the Mumfie's Quest movie had the Queen's Jewel as this to revive a sick tree. Mumfie loves mashed potatoes and in the D'Ocon series, mashed banana pancakes.

He always expects mail but never receives any. In "Friend Or Foe? Mumfie's name is also spelled sometimes by fans as "Mumfie", "Mumphy", "Mumfi", or "Mamfie". Mumfie never ate peanuts in the real series.

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Fans sometimes write Pinkey the Flying Pig's name down as Pinky, and Hulu's subtitles on some episodes spell it as Pinkie. For example, the episode "Regining Cats and Dogs" had a scene where Mumfie and Scarecrow are cleaning up a mess and talking to each other.

Whale's character in its entirety. She has a niece who is a grey kitty. It's easier to count the times this didn't happen in "Time Waits for No Mumfie" than the times this did happen.