Dorama World: Miura Haruma reported to be dating dancer Sugawara Koharu Dorama World: Miura Haruma reported to be dating dancer Sugawara Koharu

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Miura and Sugawara met when he appeared in Sugawara's radio show to promote his stage play in the middle of last month and he was said to have taken the initiative to woo her after that meeting. KOHARU is very internationally minded so it makes sense for her to live overseas but it also makes sense that she is doing her thing in Japan after hearing those words.

Besides being a dancer, she also takes on modelling, CM jobs and holds dance workshops in Japan and overseas.

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Despite that episode, her presence is consistently increasing online and overseas so who never knows what will happen in the future. This conversation is rarely heard in a typical Japanese father and daughter situation.

On the other hand, Sugawara is said to be in San Francisco at the moment according to her last post via Instagram on 21 September.

Koharu sugawara

Since then, she travelled anywhere she needed to from North America to Europe, no matter how far it was. But eventually, his words encouraged her to go overseas. I am passionate about great content and how to deliver them to the right people.

I have to admit that her style is so unique.

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She was at the heart of entertainment, Los Angeles when she was a high school student. The couple is said to have started dating recently and were seen at various locations together.

She always likes to be positive and thats a very treasurable mindset in Japan. She finishes off by saying that she wants continue pursuing is dance and expand her way of expression, regardless of the method. Even she is still 22 year old, she has seen the world, through dancing, teaching, and meeting people.

From the ML to the forum and now to the blog version, here's hoping that this space will be a trusted source of information for all J-ent fanatics and a platform where we can come together and share our thoughts.

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Everything written here is based on her true words. He was also at her performance in February this year where he commented that he was thankful to Sugawara for giving inspiration for his acting through her dancing when he was having issues. Nothing special, a girl who was just happy to see everyone smile.

As a Japanese dancer, KOHARU is one of the few people who can boost the Japanese dance scene so I would recommend spending more time here and explore more what you can do here.


It surely will encourage a lot of people who is in the middle of pursuing their dreams. No language needed when it comes to dance, it was universal. Once, she had over 30 workshops in Italy and she had to sleep over in a car while travelling. When asked about the news, Miura's agency did not deny it and said that they will leave it to Miura to handle this since this is his private matter.

Miura Haruma & Sugawara Koharu reported to be in a relationship

It was almost like infinite possibility was there waiting for her. Fashion, music, dance, graphics, videos. My area of interests are music, travelling, movies, blockchain technology, new media and minimalistic lifestyle.

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Prior to this, Miura had first seen Sugawara's dance performance in singer Miura Daichi's music video Unlock in February last year and was impressed with her that he got an acquaintance to introduce him to her.

That was the beginning. She definitely sees the world differently compared to an ordinary Japanese 22 year old girl.

Before Fame

Los Angeles was her dream, but she arrived there without any plans and English skills what so ever, only with the love of dance. Just try anything that strikes your interest even it may not be what you were expecting and try to learn as much as possible from that experience.

One day, a good friend of hers, also a great dancer offered her to do a workshop for him in Canada and she accepted that.