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In this new twist of events, Huddah Monroe took to the social media to threaten Queen Vee and called her all sorts of names. After her tirade of updates,Vera revealed that she would neither be attending the reunion nor shooting the second season of the reality show.

Vera Sidika claims that her Nigerian boyfriend has 20 personal cars. And now you know long hair dating sites. In her response, the voluptuous Vera pointed out that it was the men who were after her: She has always been criticized in social media for acting in strange ways.

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Corazon oozes intelligence,she is one of the most educated socialites in Kenya. This she denied, however, claiming that her meeting with the rapper was on business terms.

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They want bloggers to constantly write about them which is good for their Vera and Huddah businesses. We love you Huddah! Vera Sidika Vera Sidika is the most popular socialite in Kenya.

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Corazon Kwamboka She is the only Kisii lady who has publicly confessed to being a Socialite. This is the genesis of the breakup. It was meant to make me look bad as that is what Pendo had been pushing for. Vera Sidika and Huddah Monroe have always tried to outdo each other in public as to who is the hottest socialite in Kenya.

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It ended up in a fight. She contemplated staying with the series for the sake of her fans to see what would pan out in the days to come. The rumour was sparked after both Vera and Teodoro shared Snapchat stories from the Maldives, where she is currently on holiday.

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She has always been eager to give reasons and explain why she does what she does. She is the first of three children and the only daughter in the family.

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Watch the clip below to see how Huddah Monroe mauled Vera Sidika on social media: Corazon is very beautiful and intelligent as well. She has dated Prezzo,Mustapha and many other Kenyan celebrities.

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From the looks of it, it is possible that Vera has moved on but she is yet to confirm who the hot guy she was seen posing with really is. With the cash cow gone, K24 is in a conundrum to replace the socialite and rake in views.

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Vera Sidika before Vera Sidika After If you get a chance to take a closer look at Vera Sidika you will realize that there is something unique.

This comes as a big blow to a show mainly popular among Nairobi ladies. Vera Sidika will no longer be on Nairobi diaries Popular Socialite, Vera Sidika has parted ways with Nairobi diaries She has quoted among other things, her inability to work with scripts and orders After weeks of pondering, popular socialite has dropped from the cast of Nairobi diaries.

They are both popular.

Prezzo Reveals Why He Misbehaved as Vera Sidika Jumps to his Defence

She was tired of being used by the company to shoot as they wanted. She had made money, yes, and was considering advice from her fans who had been telling her to quit. It is her quest for money that made her rise. Huddah represented Kenya in the BBA but she was among the first contestants to be eliminated.

Prezzo Reveals Why He Misbehaved as Vera Sidika Jumps to his Defence

Barely a week after SDE reported that the two might be dating, the rumour has been further fuelled by a recent post shared by the singer. It has no direction. Beiby, Vera is the first of three children and the only daughter in the family.

Those who followed the show about two weeks before her quitting recalled a showdown between Vera Sidika and fellow socialite Pendo. However, shortly after refuting the dating claims, a steamy video of Otile giving Vera a lap dance emerged, sending rumour mills on overdrive.

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