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Something similar happened with his nomination as minister of war and navy from April 6, until May ; then from July 9, until December and from September 21, to September So his contract with the government was voided and the Chilean government was found to owe Portales 87, pesos.

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The opposition to the Prieto administration immediately accused Portales of tyranny, and started a heated press campaign against him personally and the unpopular war in general.

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A strong central government whose representatives will be men of true virtue and patriotism, and who thus can direct the citizens along the path of order and progress.

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Those who particularly benefited from his conservative rule were the already rich. He believed in a peaceful but strong central government, and that in order to successfully run a state or country, citizens must be virtuous and patriotic and must consider the law as higher than any leader.

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This murder turned the tide of Chilean public opinion. Chilean Civil War of Soon after, he aligned with the conservatives in the political fights that were wracking Chile at the time.

He did his primary studies at the Colegio de Santiago, and inattended law classes at the National Institute.

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He opened a trading house, Portales, Cea and Co. Your Italian love, friend, date or marriage partner is just a click away on Italian Singles. But monarchy is not the American ideal either; if we get out of one terrible government just to jump headlong into another, what will we have gained?

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Democracy, which is so loudly proclaimed by the deluded is an absurdity in our countries, flooded as they are with vices and with their citizens lacking all sense of civic virtue, the prerequisite to establishing a real Republic. Our exciting features also give our single members a good time in their quest to find lasting and happy relationships.

His ideals and principles served as a foundation to the Chilean government of the future. His work was especially influential during the years of political learning of the post-independence turmoil and during the governments of the Conservative Republic — and in a lesser degree the governments of the Liberal Republic —