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Yaoi fangirls seem to think they can control the sexuality of anime characters. Look at all this interesting shit. Making comparisons between meeting someone online versus in the real world is futile.

Some actually brainwashed themselves into thinking revalidating my cochise ship is cannon and insult me for "not knowing enough" and to "watch the anime again".

Give into the heart my dears. Conclusion The dating scene has changed drastically over the last few decades as relationships have become less dependent on gender roles. You can still ship all you want, but it won't really change anything. Okay, let's just call her her real name, Sophie.

At the end of the day, the data received from repeated occurrences trump romanticized possibilities.

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And here is why there is no bigger crime in the TV world than to let a good show dive into fangirl fodder: I'm not entirely sure what Naruto is though. The fandom did have impact on this.

Do people like this piss off anyone else? We all need our McDonalds in this instance, McDonalds is i hate fangirls yahoo dating guilty pleasure show where the focus is on whether or not the cute boy will get with the cute girl.

But still, South Park turned bad right after season To the point she actually uses Kawai in normal talk. I have many friends that are lesbian.

More like anti gay. We are an incredible species to study as a whole. Okay, so I have this friend named I read the profiles, I review the answered questions, then I formulate something creative, and I usually throw in a bone so my pursuer can have something to bite on in order to respond to me.

I update my pictures, and I edit my descriptions because it can always be better. Oh god, this is so true. If a straight guy ends up with a girl in an anime you're watching, you can't do anything about it because it's officially canon. There is some yaoi fangirls who have logical sense and I'm cool with those type of fangirls.

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But have yaoi as the process for it? Quite literally, in fact. So I'm sorta with you on the last one on the Akatsuki. SO, I go over to her house for dinner ocasionally, and We'll walk our dogs together, the normal stuff that friends do, but her only problem is the fact she's a cmplet narutard.

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Then there are those who know it's not cannon but still bash me and say that they can still ship them. People who like each other stay friends for life and don't get married.

We might even be the people who do that. There are better things to talk about than when you are going to find a girlfriend. The same goes for characters that are 'asexual' as well. Everyone on the show got paired up and the storyline became one part proper story arc, five parts relationship drama.

Isn't he soooo cute??!!??

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To all you yaoi fangirls out there: There will be no moment of clarity, no build up to a moment where you can face all that mankind is and can offer. For example, Keebo x Kokichi is a popular ship even though it makes no sense whatsoever, and they won't shut up about it.

But, the same way too much McDonalds will leave you sick to your stomach, too much fangirl fodder will leave you unsatisfied.

There will be no momentary stay against confusion. Don't ask me why, it is the way most human beings work. Some of us like it if there is a third character.

Just trust that my personal experiences have lead me to this conclusion, and not some sappy line in a self-help book. I want to kill them all so badly!!! So, what are you doing? There all stupid,gay,and fuckin useless.

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No anime is safe from there sick twisted yoai and yuri minds. A profile is supposed to offer a partial equivalence to that. So in my opinion, this is not a numbers game. Sheesh they even hate Mikasa, bash on Petra and calls Erwin abusive and makes him a serial rapist in their stupid fanfictions.

I seriously hate anime fangirls. I'm tired of this and this is really annoying. To all yaoi fangirls: The Ereri is so rude!

But this dissusion has been made time and time again. Why would you want your favorite character loves their same gender? Signiture, Fangirls should go fuck themselves lolya i ttly haet dem two. True we might hate other characters but not all of us are like that.

Both have their pros and cons. Well, If you were an anime girl, you'd bang him, right? Because If I was an anime girl, I'd only be able to do what the animators told me to do, because I wouldn't exist!

I'm sure you have seen anime with brother X sister relationship. They always ruin anime!! Drake and Josh are seen as both brothers and best friends, but they ruin this by shipping them.

My friend hates basically every female in anime. This issue with TV shows spills into the world at large.

Kiss with imagining of them making out, while getting a nosebleed imagining how her OTP should be canon The next day, the yaoi fangirl sees two boys hugging, even that she has no idea why they're hugging.

They don't realize Drake is obiously striaght and Josh is dating Mindy. Not reading my profile The same reasons one should fill out their profile, are the same reasons I want mine read.