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Lenini Hraparak; Yervani hasarakakan kentroni glkhavor jartapetakan ansampltransportayin karevor hanguyts, tonakatarutyunneri, tsuytseri ev zhoghovrdakanmets havaguytneri vayr.

How about Mormonneri Hraparak?

First, naming the square as "hanrapetuyun" may be a redundancy at best as "hraparak" more often than not does mean "public", in such as "hraparakav" in public etc. Posted 07 August - Of course, Lenin Square would not be without that blasted literally statue casting its dark shadow on an otherwise bright sunshiny Yerevan.

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Some items on this forum may indicate otherwise when they refer to the present oligarchy and the avatapetutyun, the medeival feudalism. Is it Republic, Republican or other Square?

It is no secret that the Square does need a facelift, as it is a a very drab and ugly field of ashphalt whose main function at the moment is for weddding convoys to blow their horns as they circle it.

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Mesropian Hraparak or even Komitasian Hraparak? How about Tigranian Hraparak? However I wish, whatever the plans may be they could be converible as the square will also be used to gather hundreds of thousands of people during times of celebrations and times of protestations.


Could it be that it was a place of fire offerings??? What will we rename the square when Armenia becomes a kingdom some say, or when the majority of Armenians convert to the Jehovah's Witnesses some day?

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We need gods of his like a big hole in the head. It was created in chief architect Tamanyan as the focus of a greater plan of the city and it was developed during the yearsduring which time the surrounding buildings were added, see map below.

I shed no tears when that ugly statue was unceremoniously taken down.

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You can even name it after me. During some celebrations the Hraparak is the site of fireworks. Of course, Hayastan is a Hanrapetutyun.

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Hanrapetakan, Hanrapetutyun or Hanrapetutyan Hraparak? Will we rename it Arqayakan Hraparak or Yehovayi Hraparak? Would it not be better if we named it by a more permanent, a tried and tested event, person?

What is the official title?

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I did offer to stand where Lenin used to but even the birds expressed their displeasure and deposited their comments on my head A word or two about "hraparak". Speaking of gods, why was the suqare named Hanrapetakan? To all those who may be more intimately familiar with the subject; Which is it?

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