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I read in one of your blogs that you were super amped to play at the Sunset Blvd. I like structure in songs, and I like making songs people can adhere to. One of my best friends who was a monitor tech for Evanescence — he'd known Amy and I for a long time — he said, "I wish you guys could have two years where you didn't see each other.

I was pissed off about that. What is your favorite song on your EP album?

Everything Burns

And then when I graduated I moved out to LA and started playing shows out here and started getting comfortable with playing out in the world, not just to borders of Billings, Montana. We have serialas gimines online dating of me when I was like three performing for my family.

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I sent her a message letting her know the door was open and that I wished her good luck on the next record. Check out her pictures, videos and the interview here.

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I totally love them and have absolute respect for them. I was a little nervous with some of the Live and Collective Soul dates cause some of the places we played were so huge.

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You have pretty much been on tour since graduating high school last year, how did things start happening for you?

If I stayed, I think Amy and I would have destroyed it because we just weren't heading in the same direction; we were pulling it in two different directions. Any talents besides your beautiful voice?

I learned to play the guitar and started performing my own songs.

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The DVD was scheduled for release in late And I can find a deal. But I started taking voice lessons when I was in fifth grade, I think.

Everything Burns Songtext

House of Blues, how was that experience? She has been on tour since she graduated high school, landing her first opening act for the Blues Traveler, Live, Collective Soul Tour. Thank you so much, it was great to talk to you. I started singing before I can even remember. And since then I knew I wanted to do it.

He studied the piano, but he never studied the guitar.

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I can make a damn good pie. How would you describe your personal style? I would much rather see them succeed, because I have nothing but respect for them. We started at Red Rocks, and I was actually more anxious than anything. In an interview with MTV, he explained his reasons for leaving the band: Now I can go back and go, "It was what it was.

Oh yeah, I was horribly depressed, and I felt like I had failed as a band leader, a professional, as a person.

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I opened for Josh Radin and it was incredible experience. Eventually I just got used to the really big places that we would play. She traveled back and forth from her hometown in Billings, Montana to L. Have you lost some of your anxiety opening for big acts and big venues? I found out later from her manager that she actually considered going down.

The first time I sang in 7th grade I was so nervous, but I jut kept playing and performing. This entry was posted on December 12, at 7: At the same time, I was denying my responsibility for that, you know?

Ben Moody — Everything Burns (feat. Hana Pestle)

But my voiceyeah that kind of wraps it all up what you just said. Acting Edit Aside from his music endeavours, Moody works with his television and film production company, Makeshift Films. Solo career Edit Beginning inMoody began collaborating with a variety of artists, working in multiple disciplines.

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This led to being discovered by Wind-up Records and the release of their major label debut album, Fallen. It has such an energy and I love the cello that was added to it. That was an incredible show, it was amazing.

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Once he was asked to join Living Sacrificebut he refused to keep staying in Evanescence. I wanted to do that, but keep in the confines of what I knew people expected from Evanescence.

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That would be an a amazing show! It was beautiful, it was one of my favorites as well. The two are reported to have been in a relationship sometime in the past, and this relationship is actually what inspired most of the songs in Evanescence's pre repertoire.