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A collection of numbers for rows in the file to skip.

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If not None, then parser will try to look for it in the output and parse relevant data to integers. Type inference is a pretty big deal.

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None It is often the case that we may want to store date and time data separately, or store various date fields separately. Because it has to essentially scan through the data again, this causes a significant performance hit so only use if necessary.

They both use the same parsing code to intelligently convert tabular data into a DataFrame object. These are bad variable names, they should be descriptive of what kind of values they contain: By default it uses the Excel dialect but you can specify either the dialect name or a csv.

The header can be a list of integers that specify row locations for a multi-index on the columns E. Add "login", login ; postToLogin. Useful to only read a small portion of a large file iterator: The whole method is rather hard to figure out, for instance I didn't quite understand why you assigned to webclient.

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This will skip the preceding rows: Plus in your test method you call it "UserId". You can also use a dict to specify custom name columns: Variables should be camelCase: I don't think ParseYahooResponse is descriptive enough.

Defaults to 0 if no generlink hookup wave passed, otherwise None. Number of rows to read out of the file. If not specified, data types will be inferred.

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Only valid with C parser quotechar: At least I'd move the whole postToLogin logic to its own class, have it parse the response and return a NameValueCollection. It isn't necessary and only makes code harder to read.

Or Programming Science. Your call.

Will cause an TextFileReader object to be returned. Cookie] multiple times until I noticed webclient. Also avoid things like oYahooContacts, just name them yahooContacts.

Split ';' ; Moreover, tmp1 isn't even necessary since you only use it once. There are some exception cases when a file has been prepared with delimiters at the end of each data line, confusing the parser. Use a column as an index, and parse it as dates.

See the cookbook for some advanced strategies They can take a number of arguments: I'd move some code from GetYahooContacts at least to separate methods, certainly the lines where you create a new cookie.

Quoted items can include the delimiter and it will be ignored. If True, return a TextFileReader to enable reading a file into memory piece by piece chunksize: By default, integers with a thousands separator will be parsed as strings In [67]: List of column names to use as column names.

Either a string path to a file, url including http, ftp, and s3 locationsor any object with a read method such as an open file or StringIO.

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Parse whitespace-delimited spaces or tabs file much faster than using a regular expression compression: A data type name or a dict of column name to data type.

So if a column can be coerced to integer dtype without altering the contents, it will do so. It can also be simplified by using Auto-Implemented Properties, e. OrderedDict instead of a regular dict if this matters to you.


Values are taken from csv. Dialect instance to expose more ways to specify the file format dtype: For convenience, a dayfirst keyword is provided: Interveaning rows that are not specified will be skipped.

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Sure, that method does parse the response, but more importantly it returns a list of contacts. By default, it will number the rows without using any column, unless there is one more data column than there are headers, in which case the first column is taken as the index.

We can get around this using dialect In [7]: Any non-numeric columns will come through as object dtype as with the rest of pandas objects. Suppose you had data with unenclosed quotes: Actually, that goes for most of the code.

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Currently line commenting is not supported. I'd much prefer it if the logic in that method was distributed over several shorter method, so the logic becomes clearer, e. I'm not a fan of this: I would be tempted to make this a class of its own, which then can be converted to a NameValueCollection, and things like ".