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So what scares me for kids is that there really are no protections in schools. For a while, it was me being really loud and aggressive about it. For you [Trace] to speak truth to power in that way took extraordinary bravery.

What I would have wished from Scarlett is that she would have stayed attached to the movie [as a producer] and then cast a trans male in the lead. We just want more opportunities. It changed my life.

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For the trans community, with our previous president so much progress really happened, and most of the progress has been rolled back.

Some of you were on her E! What is your biggest fear about the Trump administration? I was sort of competing to be P.

Ultimately, regardless of how I feel about her personally, the fact is after the show, every time I got in a Lyft, someone would recognize me.

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I started my flirty makeup tumblr transparents auditioning for those roles, and then I went to play trans roles. No one has said that. Things changed for me when I really started owning it.

Shame can come from inside. In fact, honestly, I would be afraid to. My manager called me yesterday. We think we make a really compelling argument. And she can play a supporting role or whatever. It was a flawed show.

I was also a little resentful of the amount of attention that Caitlyn was getting at the time, when I felt there were so many of us who had already been working behind the scenes to increase the public understanding of trans issues.

This is going to change the game. I think if all things were equal, then everyone should be able to play every character. Why has there not been a trans character in a comic-book movie? One of my big breaks has been on reality TV.

It was more pointing out the double standard. Our unemployment rate is three times the national average. That was her only reference point. So most Americans learn what they learn about trans people through the media. Besides nuclear war and our president being an agent of Russia? And the reason I have hope is because we are still here.

But her decision to drop out of the project creates more questions than answers for an industry with a terrible track record on diversity in general.

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The current president is trying to ban us from the military. I think that they want to play something really far from who they are.

It was really hard. I like to play really bad, scary, creepy people. Are you surprised that Tambor is still working? But that was my own stuff.

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In places like Mississippi, there are states with laws that are criminalizing trans folks. That is the basis of the discrimination that trans people experience. I was working in my previous career in nonprofit management, and I decided to transition.