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But this is all thrown into turmoil when she meets Sean, a new student in school who has a crush on her. There is th' 'single whammy'!

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I've been taking a course in hypnotism from the famous Professor Hoffmeister of Pennsylvania. The Tories used a poster to undermine the Labour Party. A double blow or setback.

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And, lastly - th' 'double whammy' - namely, th' full power o' both eyes - which I hopes I never hafta use. What's the meaning of the phrase 'Double whammy'?

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The next day, Rick finds himself in a moving van from Miami to Los Angeles, accompanied by McAllister's spoiled niece and her pet pig.

That, friend, is th' full, pure power o' one o' my evil eyes! A whammy was originally an evil influence or hex. What's the origin of the phrase 'Double whammy'?

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Professor Hoffmeister says I don't get the double whammy to put on human beings until Lesson 9. Normal Adolescent Behavior High school student Wendy has an odd relationship with her five friends: No man can lick 'im, it takes a syndicate and that's what I got.

It's dynamite, friend, an' I do not t'row it around lightly! When I gave my big police dog the evil eye like this he liked to collapse, went out and nearly got himself killed by the neighbour's pet poodle pooch.

It contained the text "Labour's Double Whammy" and, on the boxing gloves, "1.

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Moving McAllister Rick Robinson, a law intern, is scheduled to take the bar exam in just four days. Mudder Nature endowed me wit' eyes which can putrefy citizens t' th' spot!.

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It originated in the USA in the s and is associated with a variety of sports. The poster proved to be a highly effective part of the campaign for the Conservatives - who won the subsequent election. More Taxes" and "2.

Double Whammy

When she does decide to leave them, her b Enter The Wild On a trek to find the world's rarest tree, Dylan and his friends descend into harsh ravines and canyons. As the wilderness closes in on them they come face to face with hard truths about friendship, unrequited love, and the consequences of letting go of the past.

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In that it referred to as an intense stare which had a withering effect on its victims; for example, this piece from Li'l Abner July McAllister, Rick unwisely agrees to help the man move.

It is quite possible that he coined the term in that interview. Anxious to score points with his boss Mr. Wendy wants to be with Sean, but doesn't want to disappoint her friends, whom she has known since grade school.

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They're openly sexual with each other, swapping partners every week. New Releases Poor Boy Poor Boy centers on two families whose lives become mysteriously linked by events that occurred seven years earlier.