Biogas Plant in Bengaluru, बायोगैस प्लांट, बेंगलुरु, Karnataka, India - IndiaMART Biogas Plant in Bengaluru, बायोगैस प्लांट, बेंगलुरु, Karnataka, India - IndiaMART

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A small pipe is embedded into the top of the tank, which is round and dome shaped, so there are no corners where pressure can cause ruptures. To combine both human and food waste, David suggested we buy an insinkerator a kind of blender that fits below sinks, like in those American horror movies.

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Studying at the CAT a few years ago I came across biogas production, a fairly straightforward system whereby the sewage tank or septic tank is airtight so no liquids or gas escape.

So basically these are soak away pits, probably polluting the local ground-water with faecal chloroforms something you really want to avoid unless you fancy a bit of dysentery or cholera. This would have to be plumbed into the tank, so thought about well in advance. When the new celebrity couples dating couples enters the solids sit at the bottom voltage gay dating site the fluids seep away through the gaps between these pipes which are usually around 1m diameter by the way.

David told me about some women in India who added worms, which really improved this process making it even better and more compost-like, which they were then able to sell as a great fertiliser.

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Climate scientists are worried about melting permafrost releasing billions of tonnes of methane which will further accelerate global warming.

He saw no reason why not. Successful solid waste management is one that seamlessly manages the storage, collection, transport, segregation and final disposal of waste.

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But most systems just redirect this waste water back into a passing river or whatever. This waste or overflow water can be directed through a reed bed or an area filled with plants to absorb the water and the nutrients that remain in it.

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When we wash food waste down the special sink we can do so with warm water, and so decrease the cold shock factor for our little buddies. The amount you get from a low-flush toilet is, David thinks, probably fine. And he then pointed me towards this amazing video of a system used in India that works entirely on food waste.

For more photos click this The time has come to install our septic tank. What happens to our waste? These provided enough gas for cooking; combined with reforestation they have been able to deal with the problem in some communities.

These are some of our stories and quests for transition Saturday, 14 January A biogas digester septic tank for our home Our biogas digester coming along Biogas — a really cool and viable alternative? Because of the versatility of biogas as a low pollutant, high yielding, renewable energy source, it can be used to produce electricity, generate heat and bio-methane gas for small and large establishments.

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Yes — there ARE nutrients. David kindly agreed to help us by designing a basic plant and has since been really helpful on many fronts! If these numbers are right surely people would be applying for carbon credits i.

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Very warm in other words. The odourless liquid effluent that biogas tanks deliver could solve the massive food crisis affecting millions in poorer countries — by providing safe and highly effective fertiliser to increase soil fertility, which people can then use to grow more food at home and improve nutrition.

So bear with me. These mega-bugs give off methane and a bit of carbon dioxide too. This body of water in the slurry reservoir will then push down on the gas, providing it with about one bar of pressure — forcing it along the pipe and to the place of end use a biogas cooking ring for example.

Our land has fairly acidic, sandy soil, quite low in nutrients so we could really use this.

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Anyway, back to the case at hand — biogas and our place. Synod Bioscience offers extensive waste management solutions that takes care of the management and sustainable disposal of waste and the efficient use of its by-products to meet other household needs.

My friend Sarah Kent did loads of research and her thesis! Something we generally tend to ignore.

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The design we're using to build our biogas digester. Has anyone else looked into this? I asked if he had a design we could use for human waste — in fact can it work on our sewage? I wonder if we could use these figures to raise carbon financing to build biogas systems in Pakistan, where I work half of the time helping rebuild after floods.

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David also put me in touch with Govinda Devkota, a Nepalese biogas specialist who has built thousands of these plants. So we might try and insulate the tank, on top at least. He worked in Nepal for years, introducing biogas design — and now there are overof small family or community sized plants working there.

The problem might be the cold earth in which they are surrounded. This is around 30 degrees C. In the newest generation of household biogas systems, waste can be converted into energy in hours!

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With the enormous amount of waste generated every day, the proper and scientific disposal of waste is very essential. This energy can be used to provide free, smokeless gas for cooking — freeing people up in so many countries from the horror of fire-smoke, which WHO reports kills over 2m people per year.

Govinda sent some great technical guidance material which has helped.

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Views and news from our life as it goes along - from rebuilding ruins in Portugal, adventures in Scotland through post-disaster recovery around the world where disasters and poverty are permanent overlords. That way we can still use the sink to wash veg or boots or whatever, and direct that water to the garden or elsewhere.

All animal dung, including ours, produce methane as it breaks down — which happens when billions of bacteria feed on the stuff and it is they that produce the methane, not our poo. Using this study we can estimate that this many people produce around 1m tonnes of CO2 equivalent per year, equal to aboutHummers fuel-hungry American SUVs.

The gas in this case is a methane — carbon dioxide blend and is flammable: It is very similar to natural gas in its composition and energy potential, is a renewable energy source, eco-friendly and can replace LPG and CNG easily.

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Every septic tank leaks methane: Biogas septic tanks digesters deal with the problem of pollution to rivers or ground water; They provide a form of energy that would deal with environmental problems locally while reducing global emission increases from human-based methane production.

Or generate hot water for heating, showers or whatever. Conventional sewerage treatment The world over, we treat sewage as a public health hazard, and go to enormous lengths to get rid of it.

This is not the case in most of the world, where people have to deal with it in other ways, which usually means open sewers, or houses depositing their waste into their backyard, or into open drains running through the community.

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True, but they do generate their own heat as they work away in their anaerobic oxygen-free environment down there.

I want to take you on a short journey, the story of poo.

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Does this mean that all our sewage waste is a major greenhouse gas? This systems works, but it costs fortunes to install and assumes a fairly well organised and properly funded agency to maintain it all. It is also very cost-effective to produce, making it one of the cheaper fuels.