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Tenorand Tenor S now assure that VoIP can be deployed easily in existingvoice and data networks, offering unmatched voice quality andsurvivability, network-wide scalability, and easy, secure remotemanagement for installation, configuration, upgrades, troubleshootingand repair.

For example, the card can support 12 channels dedicated to voice and 12 to data while passing all traffic through to the Asterisk PBX, which reliably routes the channels to their designated locations.

By utilizing our TDMoE technology, an exclusive Digium process, one can easily connect multiple PCs equipped with the card and achieve voice quality on par with single PBX implementations.


Scalability for this product is derived from adding multiple cards to each individual PC. The same auto-provisioningcapability allows the Tenor to be configured from a VoIP application,thus supporting a single user interface between the VoIP application and the Tenor configuration. Add addition cards as you need them for your expanding applications.

This card supports both voice and data modes on its single span.

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A low profile, half-length PCI form factor allows this device to fit within a 2U rackmount case or equivalent chassis, offer excellent density for call center, service provider, and other space-sensitive applications.

This eliminates the need for an external router. The board drives both line-side and trunk-side interfaces, including call features. Used in conjunction with Asterisk, the card offers the power to create a seamless network, interconnecting PSTN with the emerging Voice-over IP technologies.

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Auto Provisioninginterface allows the Tenor solution to be deployed worldwide, and configured automatically by acquiring the configuration informationfrom a central server, upon installation.

Universal Dial Plan that provides a programmable dial plan so Tenor to be integrated into any network environment. AXT with patch pannel VoIP Gateway 24 Analog line and trunk interface MultiPath architecturefor easy integration with existing voice and data infrastructure,meaning little or no re-programming of the PBX, or upgrades are required and no need for special dialing plans.