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Inthe Japanese-built N. I'm prob 7 years too late with this but I have a Korean made platinum series warlock with that has the serial number So, this week I bought 2 of them. I read up on how to do it, but I still cant date my serial. From what I can tell, they were only made from to the early 90's.

Dating a BC Rich by serial

MillionaireMatch is an elite club, the largest and best millionaire dating site. A little difference, but not quite enough to make me go "Ooooh, Ahhhhh, Whoooooaaaaa Just part of growing up Gibson I guess.

Also, do they really need the serial to find replacement parts or do the idiots think I stole my own guitar?

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As I was writing this, I looked in my little pile o'crap, and saw a block of maple that would fit perfectly as a trem heather marter dating. But that's a guess, I've uploaded a pic of my headstock for you so you can see if it's he same excuse the dust, it's in need of some tlc.

Red has the dime sized pots, Black has the quarter sized ones.

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Warm, articulate, tuneful, with all three positions on the switch. The mass was spread out over a wider area and it had great harmonic overtones. Not that Black is a slack in the gain department.

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Never owned or played. As usual, neck-through construction was u.

USA Models:

It has that growl, that bite, yet maintains it's own tone. Yours numbermine A side note here: Feel free to join in. But no, not quite the same.

A few seconds later, a blocked trem on Red.

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Yes,I attribute that to the Floyd and DC pickup. This one is closer to a baseball bat. From the stupid expensive koa ones from the 70's, to the crappy bronze series, that shape just gets to me.

B.C. Rich NJ Classic Mockingbird

Electrics In Rico built his first custom electric solidbody. But as for dating, I'm thinkingif 24 in a serial number isthis guitar is preso I'd guess the 19 is Red isn't as versatile, in my humble opinion.

Red's neck is different 1. And yes, I finally got some digital calipers, Can you tell?

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Have an amp, effects pedal or other instrument? I have a bc rich warlock which has no serial number, just a blank black plate. Since he was riding a lot of motorcycles with fancy paint jobs at the time, this made sense.

I brought mine cheap and second hand too in about '95, it has 'licensed by bc rich' on the head stock. Used - case and guitar see pictures for overall condition - will need at least one string.

Seymour, what WERE you thinking?

BC Rich NJ series mockingbird (Guitarsite)

Both Mockingbirds, both NJ series, but worlds apart otherwise. I think the feel of it is overall better, with a tone more suited to classic rock.

Redbird, more for the modern tones.