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The problem comes from the fact that it only uses the mouse and uses it awkwardly. So watch out if you start drinking more Vodka and hating the ending of Rocky IV. When you exit your fight, system always asks if you want to save the replay.

This is used to connect to the game that was already hosted or to connect to our server.

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In addition, it is faster to simple type into the chat the power of your atk than to go through all this. Aside from lag, which the other games might get with increased players, there seems to only be two very small glitches. Hopefully, someone can emulate this game and copy its style.

You can only move cards by clicking a card then clicking where you want it to go. Many cards have the wrong name and sometimes effects. You can create your own game room. Receive data from Internet: CFA still has a long way to go before becoming… competent.

Thats how your character looks like. You can also search for cards by their names.

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To connect to the server you need to type this IP-address — Use your mouse wheel or keyboard arrows to scroll the cards. But the chat, cards and many other things are very buggy. Press Enter, type your message, then press Enter to send your message. I once had to wait for an hour before a table opened up.

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Its just annoying and pointless when clicking and dragging would be faster. First you need to download the client, unzip it and open it up. That was flirtitude robespierre best part of CFC. Each with a pictorial representation of each card.

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This zone is used for cards, that are removed from play. This button allows you to load one of your decks. Using this service will incur data usage. You can also pause the replay by pressing the Enter button.

You can support us with cash! Cards of new format are highlighted with blue frame.

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Although I still use CFC, with BT10 coming with more support for Shadow Paladins, a clan I enjoy but has a severe lack of support, finding a new simulator to play on is imperative. Searching is easy though. It tries to imitate how a real game would go but it falls flat. But the card selection is still diverse.

Finally the last column is the cards you can search by grade, name, clan etc. For example, instead of just clicking a card and dragging it to your hand, you must click the card then click the H button which will move it to your hand.

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Too simple for them really. If you press a clan icon, this menu will appear in closed position. Comments 70 New Cardfight Simulator Cardfight Capital has decided not to update anymore due to fears that Bushiroad will press legal action.

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Click on your card, then you can send that card to the top or bottom of your deck, you can also add that card to your hand. Test mode, where you can test all the control keys or even test your deck, but note, that in this mode there is no opponent.

Thus far I have found 2 possible replacements. Left button to move cards around and unflip them while right button is use to attack or more importantly bring down a menu. This is pretty bad.


You can watch replays here. However, that does not mean I will stop using a game simulator like most of you. When advance the story, the player that go approaching the big mystery!

Better but has a huge flaw that makes it almost impossible to use for new cards. You can load and save your deck here, create a new deck or go back to the previous menu.

Read the contents of your USB storage: Some effects, like power-ups or ride chain effects, are automatic, but thats all. First, an account is mandatory. When you load the replay, game offers you to choose the speed.

This permission allows the app to determine the phone number and device IDs, whether a call is active, and the remote number connected by a call.

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You either gotta trust that your opponent is using the right effect or search up every card they use. When you perform a skill acquisition, and since it is remember the special abilities of each unit, it will Features Customize a favorable skills in combat and dungeon search in combination well!

It allows you can save decks online meaning you can access them anywhere and you can use other peoples decks. Unlike CFC, there are no rules. There are two languages in the game client [English and Russian].

Final Thoughts CFC is still the best. One flaw is that it focuses too much on drag and drop. After selecting your deck, you pick a server to use… by typing in an IP. In addition, having the chat constantly go away in battle and only talking by pressing enter BEFORE you type is the worst idea this game has.