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Meanwhile, unconfirmed takeover rumors boost the plant's stock, which rises for the first time in ten years. They decide to go to Moe's Tavernwhere Homer has been drinking.

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Burns, including Bart, who stamps on Mr. The writer also wanted to include a longer rechtsradikalen dating websites of Burns's sworn vengeance, but had to trim it in the end.

Burns orders that Homer be rehired. However, the censors objected and the writers replaced it with "Fudgetown".

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Burns leaves, seeking adventure, while Smithers remains an employee at the plant. Burns is having a good time in retirement and decides to get together with Smithers for a drink.

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He tells Smithers "I keep my friends close, and my enemies closer" and vows revenge on Homer at some unspecified point in the future for humiliating lil internet azalea banks dating services at the bar, savoring the thought of Homer living in fear of his eventual comeuppance.

Homer lashes out at Mr. Burns with the aid of his sock-puppet friend, Mr. He commented that "the sarcastic heart of the story comes at the end, when Mr. Those who remain at the plant aren't much happier, but oddly enough, Burns fares worst of all -- with no power over his former employees, Burns discovers to his horror that no one fears him anymore, and people no longer hesitate to tell him what they really think of him.

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After all, we are from the land of chocolate! Silverman storyboarded the revised sequence, and tried to make Homer "deliriously happy" as he skipped through the town.

The animators also included a character other than Lenny or Homer with a beardline, something the producers did not like. Burns realizes that wealth and time do not buy him happiness because no one, not even the scourge of Sector 7G [Homer], is scared of a powerless despot.

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A depressed Homer hangs around the Simpsons' houseinsisting he is a competent safety-minded worker while the rest of the family makes budget cuts until Homer can find a new job. Plot[ edit ] One night, Mr.

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Burns tells his assistant Smithers that he is considering selling the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant so he can pursue other interests. When they interview Homer, he is unable to intelligently answer their questions and begins slipping into a fantasy about cavorting through "The Land of Chocolate".

Homer's skipping sets the tone for that show.

Burns Verkaufen der Kraftwerk

Executive producer Sam Simon was the one who suggested that they actually do a sequence in which Homer's mind wanders off into an imaginary land made of chocolate. The episode ends with Homer cheering to his family that he got his job back, with no foreboding of Burns' vengeance whatsoever.

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The dialects they speak are representative of the locations they claim to come from: Burns, calling him a "greedy old reptile", asking him about his money and saying nobody loves him.

The new owners immediately begin a thorough evaluation of the plant and its employees, their more friendly demeanor pleasing all the workers save for Homer, who worries his lax work ethic as safety inspector will cost him his job.

The writers had a tough time coming up with Bart's prank call to Moe's Tavern and Moe's reply, in which they could not include any foul language.

In time, Burns decides to sell to the Germans, which is good news for most of the employees, who hold stock in the plant and earn a handsome dividend, but bad news for Homer voice of Dan Castellanetawho only days earlier sold his shares for 25 dollars and immediately spent the money on cold beer.

The German investors, meanwhile, discover that the plant is in bad need of repairs and decide to sell before they sink too much money into it. Homer's poor working habits and general ineptitude make a poor impression on his efficient new employers, and he soon finds himself out of a job.

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It finished 38th in the ratings for the week of December 2—8,down from the season's average rank of 37th. Kennedy 's " ich bin ein Berliner " speech. The owners announce shortly after that Homer will be the only employee fired. Burns realizes that his former employees no longer fear him, concludes that only his ownership of the plant gave him power over ordinary men, and decides to buy the plant back.

Burns and Smithers walk out of Moe's.

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The west-German speaks Bavarian dialect, the east-German Berlin dialect. The gag came from a real-life experience when Vitti tried to feed his cat a mixture of carrots and ash; however, the cat simply ate and regurgitated it. Originally, when The Simpsons shorts aired on The Tracy Ullman Showall the male characters had beardlines similar to Homer's; however, after the Simpsons became their own show, they decided to drop the beardline for the majority of the characters to make Homer unique.

Now back in charge, Mr. Two German businessmen, Hans and Fritz, learn that the plant might be for sale. Burns Verkaufen der Kraftwerk Trailer C.

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Montgomery Burns voice of Harry Shearer has grown weary of the toil and turmoil that goes into running the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant, and while he's initially resistant to the idea of selling the plant, he decides to meet with a group of German investors looking to buy into American energy.

Originally, there was a two-minute scene involving the two, but the writers cut it down considerably. The other bar patrons join in and taunt Mr.