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Any motor vehicle driven or parked in the confines of the facility is entirely at the owners risk and no responsibility is accepted by the council for any theft or damage. Estimated number of people attending each day: How would you like your bond to be reimbursed back to you? There shall be no interference with furniture break o day council tenders dating equipment not belonging to the hirer and not forming part of the hire agreement.

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All fittings and equipment are to be left as found and the facility is to be left in a clean and tidy condition. A police officer or authorised person shall have access to the facility at any time, notwithstanding any hiring. Animals are expressly ranma 1/2 capitulo 112 completo latino dating unless approved in writing by the Council.

The Council reserves the right not to accept the hire application or to cancel the booking at any time. All doors are to be checked before leaving including fire exit doors. Council takes no responsibility for the property of any hirer whilst at the facility.

Does Council have a copy of the liquor licence? Without limiting the generality of this indemnity I accept that it includes breaches of duty by the occupier of the centre or any other duties imposed by law upon the hcuk online dating its agents, servants or employees in respect of the centre or the presence of my group at the facility.

No alcohol unless permission is obtained from council, if alcohol is to be consumed a liquor license is required. Has Council been provided with a Site Plan? Sub-letting of the facility is prohibited.

The council will provide a broom, mop and bucket for the use of the hirer.

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The provision of cleaning materials is the responsibility of the hirer. Occupation of the facility by the hirer beyond the time booked will be charged at double the normal rate. Do you propose to erect any of the following temporary structures?

Food Is it proposed that food be prepared and or stored on site?

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The hirer shall not write on, decorate, placard, cut, damage, or pierce with nails, screws or any other contrivances the floor, wall or any part of the facility without permission from the council.

All vehicles admitted to the property are to be driven and parked so that no damage is caused to the facility or the detriment of the public. Has the bond paid been entered into spreadsheet: No kind of tape is to be stuck to the floors.

Please allow enough time to pack up and clean the venue hired Time: No smoking in the building. No loud noise or rowdiness is permitted.

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If Yes please list devices? Public Event Is the event open to the public and being publicly advertised? The hirer shall not bring into, be found in possession of, sell or consume intoxicating liquor in the facility without the necessary liquor permit and council approval.

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The hirer shall only access rooms and facilities hired. The hirer shall conform to and obey all reasonable directions given by the authorised person in regard to the use of the facility.

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The hirer shall enforce the following requirements within the building: Any hirer not complying with the provisions of these conditions or in any way misconduct themselves, may be removed from the facility by an authorised person or police officer.

Subject to size of structures an application for Temporary Occupancy Permit may be required as per the Building Act Power Do you require access to power facilities?

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Does Council have a copy of the Public Liability? If yes refer to Health section Does Council have a copy of the food licence? Hours during which the event the event will be run: If yes, you will require a Places of Assembly Licence.

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If you are erecting temporary structures, you must provide Council with a site plan of the area indicating location of such structures and you must also outline the size of each one. The hirer shall be responsible for all damage caused to the facility during the period of hire and will be required to pay the costs of all repairs.

If yes refer to Health section Temporary Occupancy Permit required?

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Temporary stage or platform Temporary bridge or tower Temporary mobile structure Poles e. The emergency number for Police, Ambulance and Fire Services is Council s after hours emergency number is Non-compliance with any of these conditions shall render the hirer liable to a penalty as determined by Council, to be deducted from the hirer s security deposit.

Certificate s required Food prepared and or stored? The Hirer must ensure users of the facility are familiar with the location of all emergency exits and equipment. Once your application has been obtained a copy of the approved Road Closure must be supplied with your Facilities Hire Agreement Form.

All electrical appliances are to be switched off before vacating the facility.

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Alcohol Is it proposed that alcohol be consumed? Place of Assembly Licence required? Failure to do so will result in access to the facility being denied to the hirer.

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Conduct likely to cause damage is not permitted.