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Apple is fine, but overrated. Pomegranate Flavor When you experience the smokeable paradise of unique sweet and tart berry taste of Ugly Hookah Pomegranate, you will immediately discover why the Pomegranate is known as the original forbidden fruit.

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Chi-Town Breeze A combination of chocolate coconut flavor perfectly balanced along with a lite cooling minty finish. I've been hookahing for 2 years now and love every minute of it.

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Roller Coaster A combination of apple citrus liquorice blend flavors. Our molasses tobacco has been tested for approximately two years before going to market Mint Flavor We combined the old fashioned sweet peppermint stick flavor and perfectly balanced it in a delicious mix of cool mild sweetness.

There are some traditional as well as well contemporary prints that we have for you.

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Overall pear is probably my favorite single favor that I have ever smoked. We let you choose from chihiroren bidaia online dating variety of efficient kitchen tools, storage items, lunch boxes and a lot more.

My favorite mixed flavor is rum punch and mint. Purple Breeze A combination of grape mix with mint flavors.

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Shop now on Limeroad. Buy hookahs online in a variety of different shades including blue, pink, yellow and many more.

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We also have some amazing deals that let you save on your purchases. Awesome flavour I love it muahh Ma Wardi A combination of our delicious mixed fruit flavors with an undertone of peach and perfectly balanced with sweetness.

Tastes like heaven in a pen Exotic flavors are grwat 26 Spring Water 27 Double Apple Yummy and it doesn't have smoky flavor it's sweet but also a tad sour it's delicious This is the best flavour liked by all hookah smokers in the world Best mix of green and red apple flavors Tastes like apple pie Yes it's great and smells so addictive!

Hit Me A combination of sweet cactus with a touch of lemon flavors.

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There is also a peppy variety of printed hookahs that you can explore from on Limeroad. Buy these beautiful glass hookahs in small sizes to decorate your party place in style.

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Great for if you like the drinks 23 Grape I love grape fakhar with mint cold and ice water try it. Orange Keef The perfect balance of the sweetness and bitterness of natural orange combined with a cooling effect when you exhale.

We have a range of the most stunning wine glasses, beer mugs, ice buckets, shot glasses, bottle openers, ash trays and more. The products offered on this site may be associated with tobacco use and subsequent inhaling of tobacco and nicotine.

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Buy them all on Limeroad. Pear is the new fashion; 32 Mint Chocolate Chip I just went to a bakery! Citrus Breeze A combination of citrus flavors perfectly balanced along with a lite cooling minty finish We also have stunning brass hookahs that are absolutely authentic and will add some countryside nostalgia to aura of your house.

Watermelon Mint A deliciously sweet watermelon flavor with a cooling sensation. We have a vast collection that you can explore from.

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We bring a variety of different designs, colours and sizes that you can buy from. Island Mama A combination of fruity cocktail flavors. We have some stunning prints and patterns that you can explore from. It's really good Its smell is very awosem Grape leaves such an awesome flavor in your mouth.