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Keep things as even as possible to ensure you get talk time, too. However, that touch coupled with the words: Yes, we know we said "be yourself," but that doesn't mean telling the cute guy who just bought you a drink about your recent stomach flu ickyour last one-night stand or how bitter you are at men who don't call back.

I still love that little crackle of attraction, but that's where you should leave it.

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Talk confidently about yourself and what you do, and if he's interested, he'll let you know. Use humour, use wit, use intelligence - but do not use props. Subtlety is therefore key. If he says something funny, lean in and touch his knee or shoulder, but only briefly. In the interests of keeping it subtle see point 1decide which way you're going to go.

How to be a flirt in your 50s. Advertisement Share or comment on this article: Paint your hands it can even match your outfit if you like! Similarly you don't need to resort to any kind of staged wardrobe malfunction to make your point.

I recently went to wentworth miller sarah wayne callies dating bar with a very attractive year-old friend. Share this article Share 'Single people flirt as they age to confirm they're still attractive to the opposite sex,' she says.

If there's a spark, it should be because you're showing off your sparking personality, not massaging his ego. This gives you the opportunity to laugh subtly at his jokes and seem interested in what he does, but don't let him overtake the conversation.

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I was in his class at school. This is probably the most important one to keep in mind and the hardest to pull off.

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Make it super obvious by chopping off most of your hair, but leaving one long lock the regular length that you can keep twirling and twisting all night.

Take a cue from the Bard and conduct all your conversations in rhyming couplets.

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To help you get started we've gathered five great tips for attracting male attention no matter where you are. Being all over someone at a bar may seem sexy, but this is not an advisable flirting technique.

Pin Don't give too much away. We're talking the type of subtle flirting that leaves a guy wanting more and hanging off your every word. Sometimes, when we flirt, some other, super-girly part of us takes over and a giggling, eyelash batting persona emerges.

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Oct 12, at Subtlety is always more sophisticated. Pin Don't be overly touchy. From what to say with your body language to what to actually say with words, it is a whole lot of work to do all these subtle things to make a statement about wanting to get with somebody.

But just in case something happens to it, also include your home phone, your email address, your Twitter profile, your YouTube user name, your Tumblr handle, your Facebook URL, and a flirty note that reads "Now you have no excuse for not to getting in touch with me!!!!

Leave your glasses and contacts at home. Pin Pin Be yourself. Worse yet is looking at other guys while talking to him. While flirting in your 20s and 30s has strong overtones of the search for a reproductive partner, that's obviously not so by the time you're 50… or 60…or An added bubble gum twirl from your mouth is equally as alluring.

Skip this Ad Next Pucker Up You've heard about girls plumping and pursing their lips to get attention? Adopting a breathy whisper and asking him to guess your age may well land you in the same mortifying situation as my year-old friend Paula.

ˌbat your ˈeyelashes/ˈeyes

Even hotter than the twelve jalapenos I just slipped into that dip. You want to make sure you're unforgettable so skip the regular perfume that the other girls may be wearing and grab one of those car air fresheners to wear around your neck.

My year-old friend Harriet, who lives in the South of France, says she finds flirting styles on the Continent are suited to the strengths of the middle-aged woman and we should take a leaf out of their book.

People love to talk about themselves, given the opportunity; use that to your advantage. Make it as easy as possible by amplifying it with your own handheld megaphone.

Oh no, you did try to hold hands already.

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We older women have wisdom, self-awareness, and a dramatically reduced need for validation. Pin Maintain eye contact.

That seductive look as you squint and blink to try and see your crush's face two feet in front of you will be irresistible.

With basically no other hair on your head, nothing else will distract your crush from the twirl. One of the worst things you can do when flirting is to look down constantly, making only fleeting eye contact; some people think this is sexy, but it just looks awkward.

Don't let this happen.

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