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Some battles were lost and some were won. Rated MA by Hermionkye http: True RumBelle seemed to end with the reunion scene in 3x20, but we saw glimpses of it through 4x12, but everything from the town-line banishment onward doesn't qualify in my mind as real, true RumBelle.

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MA Content is only suitable for mature adults. This scene made this brave man, who had the courage to go onto a ship full of pirates, knowing all he had to use to get his wife back was his words and hope that he would get some compassion, end up thinking he was a too cowardly to save his wife from what most people would consider a fate worst than death.

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If your nomination is missing or you find any errors, please message the page or place a comment below. In worthwhile stories, the abuse victim Rumple is supposed to get a happy ending, not the bully who tormented him Hook.

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This is where OUAT went wrong. So my take is if Robert and Emilie's vision of RumBelle had true love, then they had true love, because Robert and Emilie actually care about the characters.

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Hook was white washed, and Rumple's beloved son, Baelfire, was killed to expedite Hook being with Emma, instead of the writers taking the time to write a plausible way for Emma to choose between Bae and Hook, leaving Bae alive. May contain explicit language and adult themes.

To me, RumBelle hasn't been RumBelle since somewhere between 3x20 and 4x There was no way to leave that ship alive, if Rumple had fought Hook.

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Now, we look forward to the day when Robert and Emilie work together again on another project, since Robert said he'd make sure that they would. See All Videos Someone said on another page that they don't think RumBelle has true love any more, and it got me thinking. As a testament to the disdain Adam and Eddy have for RumBelle, RumBellers, Dearies and Belles, there was no kiss in the script, yet Robert and Emilie added the kiss, as well as having RumBelle have a final dance together Ultimately, while Adam and Eddy's legacy is destine to be them ruining a good show, RumBelle's legacy is Robert and Emilie so loved the pairing that they fought for every scrap of tenderness RumBelle could get, and that in its own way is true love However, Robert and Emilie tried to salvage what they could, despite Adam and Eddy repeatedly throwing RumBelle under the bus, including deleting RumBelle's 4x4 dock kiss scene from a Rumple centric episode to have more time for CaptainSwan's first date that ripped off the RumBelle rose scene and had Emma dress and styled more like Belle.

M Not suitable for children or teens below the age of 16 with non-explicit suggestive adult themes, references to some violence, or coarse language.

That moment broke the man that Rumple was, and altered his life because of it. G Suitable for all ages T Suitable for teens, 13 years and older, with some violence, minor coarse language, and minor suggestive adult themes.

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Now, Hook is promoted on OUAT as a hero, because he traded a ship that he stole in the first place, while the good man that he tormented, who actually sacrificed his life to save everybody, including Hook, is still vilified for actions brought on by a soul crushing curse and being abused for years.

Rumple could not leave Bae an orphan, so he had no choice, but to refuse to fight. Most likely Hook would have killed Rumple in a duel, as Rumple had no experience with sword fighting and needed to to hold onto a stick just to stand, and if he had won the duel, Hook's crew would have killed Rumple for killing their captain.

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It's clear from Robert's recent comments at the Paris conference that he's not happy about what Adam and Eddy did to RumBelle. Fiction M can contain adult language, themes and suggestions.